Nevermind Watchdown: S5E6, or I’M GONNA BAG ME A JUPITUS!!

Out of these four, I only know Toyah…which is a bit of a horrifying thought. Still, coming off the last few episodes, and the last few Athelston appearances, I think this season’s on a bit of a roll.

Tom Gray is the lead singer of Gomez. Kele Le Roc is a R&B singer and not, as I previously guessed the girl from Weird Science. Adam Bloom I have definitely seen on an episode of Mock the Week, though I don’t really remember his stuff.

After the clip where the dancer’s ass hangs out.
Toyah: “I think they just get a grant from the Ass Council.”
Mark: “…you and your speech impediment…”

Mark, preceding the Bjork freeze frame guesses: “Knowing her, it’s gonna be a bit loopy!”

Phill’s Bjork impression, which Mark originally mistakes for his Alan Thicke, did in fact make me laugh hard.

Phill: “Is it a video for the Icelandic Tourism Board, and a big slogan appears on screen, it’s “More than gloom and puffins.” Something like that?”
Adam: “Or ‘Bjork’s in England. That’s why mum’s gone to Iceland.”

After Mark says he thinks Bjork is good looking…and then in the video her teeth become enormous:
Phill: “AND YOU THOUGHT SHE WAS GOOD LOOKING?? ‘Give us a kiss, darling!’ “WRRAAARRR!”
Mark: “The answer is she turns into Jack from ‘On the Buses’.”

Toyah, during Intros: “Is it one of mine?”
Mark: “No, nonsense we’d never do that to you.”

Then, Phill and Kele’s third intro is I Want to be Free, which Toyah IMMEDIATELY recognizes, and face palms. She actually trusted Mark for a moment.

Mark: ‘Do you know what it is?”
Adam: “I think the fact that Toyah went a bit red sort of gave it away…”

Mark: “Toyah’s hit ‘I want to be free’ has almost achieved its name. Last week it was seen priced at 10 pence in Oxfam.”
Immediately after, he starts cracking up, and looks over at Toyah. Toyah at least appreciates it.

Adam: “Chumbawumba…is it an anagram of ‘One Hit Wumba’?”

Phill: “He drinks a whiskey drink, he drinks a vodka drink, he drinks a lager drink, he drinks a cider drink…and after you’re done drinking all four of those, you go “CCCHUUUUMBAWUMBAAAA!!!”

Toyah: “Well, sex pistols sounds better than Knob Cannon.”
Mark: ‘NOT TO ME, LUV!”
Toyah: “They could have called themselves Fanny Musket.”
Sean: “I’ve got all of Fanny Musket’s records, so don’t even…”

Mark, dressing down Tom: “You can’t get points for things that have really happened in the world. “Wasn’t John F. Kennedy shot in 1963?” “Yes, but that’s…not really…”
Toyah, not getting it: “So Kennedy was shot in 1963, but how can you get to the name Sex Pistols from…”
Toyah: “I was there!”
Mark: “You wouldn’t have gotten that far, would you? You would have just heard DING…DING…DING…DING…’PUSH IT BACK, TOYAH!’…DING…DING…”

Phill, on Jamiroquai: “Did a bunch of monkeys type it up in a factory?”
Mark: “Did Toyah type it by accident?
Phill: An infinite number of Toyahs are typing it up in a warehouse.”
Mark: Isn’t that a horrifying thought. An infinite number of Toyahs.”
Toyah: “I’m gonna come over there and fist you both in a minute…”
Mark: “ME FIRST!!!!”

Next Lines:
Mark: “Look me up in yellow pages.”
Toyah: “Before you go-go?”
Mark: “…God, you’ve made that song even worse!”

Overall: Another really nice episode, and it didn’t even need that great a panel for it. Tom and Kele were kind of quiet, and Adam didn’t contribute as much, but was great when he did. No, this episode was amazing because of the fact that Mark and Phill just kept screwing with Toyah, and she kept giving them more material. The weird part is she keeps coming back. I mean, even Richard Fairbrass said “NO MORE GAY JOKES” after a while.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Toyah
Best Runner: Toyahs typing in a factory.

4 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S5E6, or I’M GONNA BAG ME A JUPITUS!!

  1. Adam’s bleeping gag was funny, because he made the censors bleep “FUCK” in Morse Code.

    • Yeah, Adam had a ton of ‘little’ funny moments in that episode. A few of them, like the Wyman gag, were too ‘on the nose’ for me, but he’s still a pretty memorable part of the episode (even with Toyah doing Toyah things all around him)

      • Well I’m afraid Wyman had it coming for starting his relationship with Mandy Smith when she was just 13 (the legal age of consent in the UK being 16)

    • Oh, I understand the significance of the Wyman joke, but I felt like it was too much of an easy punchline. It’s a joke that says ‘yeah, Baby Love, because Bill Wyman married an underage girl’. The joke doesn’t do anything but state a fact, so it didn’t really work for me. Heck, I even prefer the joke Mark said to MANDY’S FACE in the Rewind special, because at least it expanded on the subject rather than just stating the obvious.

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