Nevermind Watchdown: S5E7

Ah, yes, the infamous super sized episode. 45 minutes, Two well-versed regulars, and two pretty well known newbies, and 15 more minutes to spend with them. This should be nice.

Aside from the return of Bill Bailey and Tony “Not Metal. Don’t Know” Wright, we have Howard Jones, who’s done ‘New Song’ and ‘No One is to Blame’, and Grant Nicholas, lead singer of Feeder, a rock band I’ve vaguely heard of.

Phill: “I always think, when I see old footage of the Pretenders, it’s like watching Dad’s Army isn’t it? You go ‘oh, he’s dead…he’s dead…'”

(I do find it very ironic that they’re doing a Pretenders song here seeing as Chrissie Hynde will be here next episode.)

Mark: “As a militant vegetarian, Chrissie Hynde has been urging Madonna to give up meat completely. and no doubt she will, the day they invent the Quorn Cock.”
Phill completely loses it here. I doubt he was alone.

The Mark-Bill dynamic is even more evident back here, as he calls him a ‘Klingon nonce’, to his face after an argument. They have a very good back-and-forth, and I’m really excited for when he joins full-time in a few seasons.

After the Fine Young Cannibals clip:
Mark: “Looking a bit like a Quorn Cock there as well.”
Sean: “He’s a Klingon ponce…”
Mark: “…NONCE is the phrase, Sean.”

Mark: “So the insults…you’re a Klingon and I’m from Swindon.”
Bill: “Same thing, in’nit?”

It’s always fun to see Tony during this round, because he NEVER knows any of the songs, no matter how hard Phill and whoever try. Like, him and Howard were doing great stuff this time.

Tony, guessing: “Eh…Roxy Music”

Tony does eventually guess it, leading to the audience erupting into applause, and both panels leading a rendition of The Final Countdown.

During one of Mark’s jokes, there is a LOUD sound of something falling, which he even hears. He goes “someone ACTUALLY KICKED A BUCKET during that…”

Bill’s Bruce Springsteen impression, which reminds me of Sweetums from The Muppets, did in fact crack me up, especially being a New Jersey resident.

The ‘Jets’ ID Parade is a classic, because, as they all have a slicked back thing going, they make Mark go up as the 5th option. And he hates it. He even goes “you were gonna make the joke anyway.” And he says that HE can talk, getting angrier by the second.

Sean: “The first four are dressed up as the Fonz. Why are you dressed up as Mr. Cunningham?”

Of course, Sean’s team keeps insisting that it’s Mark, and he just keeps getting madder, to the point when, after it’s revealed it was #4, he goes “HA-HAAAHHH!”

Mark’s afterthought: ‘Phill’s team has 5 points, Sean’s team has 3. They would have had 5, but they were BEIN’ SILLY!”

The new round is Album Covers, which is like Intros, but two people have to get in the same position as a famous album cover. This will be physical…and probably hilarious.

Bill is taking forever to guess the ABC cover, even with numerous hints (“WHEN HOWARD WAS #2, WHO WAS #1??”) Mark has to interrupt him and say “I know you want the point, but it’d be fun to pass it to Tony, wouldn’t it?”

Overall: Maybe it’s because this was 45 minutes, but this was a very well fleshed out, very funny, and very lively panel. Ton of great moments, including Bill feuding with Mark, Howard not knowing any of his songs, Tony not knowing anything, and the entire London Calling round. Shame they never did another 45-er.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Bill by a hair (heh)
Best Runner: Tony doesn’t know any music.


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