Nevermind Watchdown: S6E3, or Let’s See What J’s Cookin’!

Another answer to the question “How dated can this get?” J from 5ive is here.

The panel is one that’s a bit scattered and unknown-ish for me tonight. Pauline McLynn was on Father Ted and Shameless. David Essex is a 70’s heartthrob and singer. Sarah Cawood is a TV presenter, but apparently spunkier than some of the other ones that have been on this show.

Mark, after the Celine Dion clip: “Seen there, famous Canadian rapper Celine Dion…or as she likes to be known, The Notorious B.I.G….C.H.I.N.”

Sean keeps insisting that the very first line of the song is Celine yelling out “CUNT!!” Pauline seems to think it’s a Yogurt plug. Still, when they do the lyrics with the song, he still goes “CUNT!”

With the exception of Mark giving J a hard time, like he does with most boy-banders on the show, not a lot is getting off the ground so far.

During Phill and David’s intro for Don’t You Forget About Me, which Sarah gets in five seconds, Mark tries cutting them off to get her to guess, but Phill is insulted. “IT’S DAVID ESSEX, MARK!”

David: “I think I’ll play the tic-tacs”

Mark: “Bobby McFerrin created his signature style by hitting himself on the chest, face and legs. He got the idea after walking into Ike and Tina Turner’s dressing room.”
After the OOOOOHHH from the audience, he reads the scores, and goes ‘and that joke is staying in the show.’

In ID Parade, the 4th choice randomly had an out of control beard. He’s nicknamed ‘Mahatma Andy.’

#4 also puts Sean off, making him think he literally just got out of prison. He has to run over to #4 and give him water. All the while, #4 is very amused by all of this.

Pauline, giving the J slam of the night: “J, just cast your mind forward, and think, of the five, which one would you grow into?”

Mark: “David, you’ve worked with him, haven’t you?”
David: “I don’t think I have…or have I?”
Mark: “David, d’you know what show you’re on?”
David: “I think you’ll find my life is one gray blur…”
Mark: “So you’re going with #2 then? Because he’s a gray blur.”

Next Lines:
Mark: “Will I ever see you smiling back at me?”
J: “No.”
Mark: “You’re right, though, J.”
J: “I’m cookin’.”
Mark: “…he’s got his own catchphrase for the show!”

Phill gets the tiebreak round easily, however, as Mark says: “I thought you would have had an advantage by having David on your team. Instead the advantage was [J] going “…WHAT WE DOIN’?”

Overall: Picked up some steam late, but still another light show. The main driving force of the episode was Mark fucking with a boy band member, quite like last episode, though J was a lot funnier, and more of a character, plus at least you had Pauline making fun of him too. Phill’s panel was a bit weaker, and David wasn’t too big a character, though Sarah did try hard.

Best Regular: Sean
Best Guest: J
Best Runner: ‘I’m cookin’


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