Nevermind Watchdown: S6E5, or GEORGE…ya big poof!

Well, this seems like a breezy, yet very strange, episode up here. Sean shouldn’t be worried, as he’s got the sane panel, of Suggs (thinging thetheliath) and Jo Brand. Phill should be very worried, as not only is Boy George back (!!!), but Lisa Scott Lee from Steps is here, and we’re already been through ONE member of Steps on this show.

I find this very weird, because Jo looks 20 years older than her last appearance, and Suggs…doesn’t age. Also, Jo looks the way Boy George does currently.

On Rod Stewart and The Damned, Suggs: “Can they both be repelled with garlic? See, you’ve got a vampire here, and a werewolf [Stewart] on the left.”

Jo says Stewart’s into blondes, so Jo says “did Rod Stewart give Captain Sensible one up the tradesman’s?”
Mark: “Well, we have an expert on the subject in the studio, so…”
George: “Don’t talk about yourself like that, Mark…”
Mark: “Oooh, are we at school?”
George (sassy): “…apparently.”

On Bowie and the Wu-Tang Clan
George: “I think both of them pretended to be bisexual to sell more records.”

Jo tells an anecdote about someone who had to book the WTC an airplane, and someone had to announce on the PA, “Could someone please call up Mr. Ol’ Dirty Bastard.”
Sean: “They’re expecting Rod Stewart to turn up…”

After Phill reaches for a George Formby-WTC joke
Phill: “It’s a lame ‘ol quiz, Mark, and I’m reaching for anything.”
Mark: “Has it got THAT BAD?”
(Lisa finds herself nodding a bit,)
Mark: “I love it when one of Steps goes…yeah…”

George, to Mark: “Why is it when you’re bitchy, you’re okay, and I’m being a queen?”
Mark: “…because you’re a queen.”

After Boy George equates good hair to being gay.
Phill: “Sonic the Hedgehog’s got nice hair, does that mean’s he’s gay? And Sonic does get extra points the more rings he captures.”
Yeah, that even gets George to crack up. Man, imagine a panel with him and Richard Fairbrass. It’d be the gayest thing ever.

As Suggs and Sean give their first Intro, Jo just scowls to the camera.
Jo: “Thank you, Mark…”
Mark, suddenly realizing a golden opportunity, points to George, going “HOLD ON…”, and the camera cuts to his black-and-white spotted hat, as if he’s the one who’s killed some puppies.

George: “Is it the ‘ion sleeps tonight?”
Mark: “THE IRON SLEEPS TONIGHT! You know, from ‘The Iron King.” While they all sat around drinking ginger beer…GEORGE…YA BIG POOF!”

Lisa makes Phill get up onto the desk and dance with her, reluctantly (“I don’t wanna be in Steps…”)

Mark:”Shaft’s Loqui Burnett started out in San Francisco’s infamous Sundown Boys’ Club where he cut his teeth as a DJ. That’s cock rings for you.”
And then he looks over at George and blows a kiss. My god, the dynamic tonight it out of control.

Sean: “#3 looks so cute. SO CUDDLY! COOCHIE-COO!”
Jo, being Jo: “I’d rather sit on #4’s face, though…”
Mark: “Did I read out the rules for this round properly?”

Sean: “I still think 3 is so gorgeous looking. George, could I become gay, d’youthink-”
George: “What’dyou mean BECOME?”

Sean: “#1 is in Madness, isn’t he Suggs?”

Not sure if #3 in Phill’s lineup is it, because that looks an awful lot like the guy they’d keep dressing up in a pirate costume as the show went on.

In response to a very, very short, bald #5, Mark: “I can give you a clue, #5’s just been foiled by Mr. Bond again…”

Phill: “#3’s staring at me very intensely, and I don’t know why…”
Yeah, that would be the pirate, alright…

George: “He’s got a bit of a Barry Manilow look to him.”
Phill: “What, 3?”
Lisa: “Where?”
Phill, matter-of-factly: “OVER THERE, BETWEEN TWO AND FOUR.”

Next Lines:
Mark: “There are 3 steps to heaven.”
Sean: “Step…one…”

Mark: “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you”
Jo: “Happy Birthday dear…any thin person. I’m about to kill you.”

Overall: Another really nice episode. The George-Mark dynamic was king here, as everything seemed to stem from there. Jo and Suggs were really funny on Sean’s side, and Lisa was another Steps member for Mark to lampoon.

Best Regular: Sean
Best Guest: George
Best Runner: Boy George gay jokes.


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