Nevermind Watchdown: S6E7, or AS YOU SEE, BRIAN, I’M A DUCK!

Aaaaand I’ve not heard of any of these people. Should be an exhilarating one.

Jamie Benson sang with Hepburn, a sort of pop girl band. Mary Mary is a member of Gaye Bykers on Acid. Not sure what to make of him. Brian McFadden is a member of…oh no, Westlife. Vic Henley is an American comedian.

Sean, on Kate Bush: “This is actually her helium machine she uses to get that beautiful voice, because she’s a gruff cockney before she takes it…”
He then does an impression of a gruff, cockney.
Mark: “Have you ever been to London, Sean? I think that’s Daleks you’re thinking of.”
Mary, Dalek voice: “WELCOME TO LONDON.”

Vic, on Smells Like Teen Spirit: “It’s what Kurt Cobain first said when he first came across Courtney Love’s Hole.”
And with that…I like this guy.

Vic’s next line: “I was actually glad [Kurt] killed himself, because I like the Foo Fighters.”
And with that…I LOVE this guy. My god, I had no idea an American could have Frankie Boyle-esque sensibilities towards comedy. That is outstanding.

The twist on Intros this show is that Sean’s team has to perform the Outros, and Phill’s team has to perform the middles, or guitar breaks, to songs.

Sean and Jamie’s first Outro is A Day in a Life, and, to cause all the wild mash of sounds, Sean does this high-pitched sort of wailing.
Mark: “Not bad, if the outro was ‘Jimmy Savile starting his car.”

The other one they do ends with a very slow, near-puking sound.
Mark: “That one sounded like me watching a Steps video.”

Mark: “Radiohead’s album OK Computer featured a soundalike Stephen Hawking. They would have used the man himself, but he didn’t want to do the MTV Unplugged session.”
The audience gives him a fair, OOOOOH reaction. Mark, of course, goes “DON’T CARE.”

Brian, to Mark: “Hey, too greasy.”
Mark: “The observations are flying thick and fast. Or…just thick, anyway.”

Brian keeps telling Mark that he’s a greasy duck, and nobody else knows where that’s coming from. A clearly-amused Phill goes “after the show I dress up like Elmer Fudd and hunt him…”
Mark: ‘I bet that was harsh in your playground, wasn’t it? ‘OH, LOOKIT YOU…YA SWAN!”

Mark, in the middle of their third intro, goes “OOOH! HANG ON! THEY’RE HATCHING. AS YOU CAN SEE, BRIAN, I’M A DUCK!”
Phill: “I don’t recall saying to you before the show, ‘watch out for Lamarr, he can be a bit of a duck.'”

One last one before he starts, Phill turns to Mark, cracking up, and goes “Y’alright there, Mallard Boy?”

Mark, in the middle of reading the scores: “Phill’s team has one point, I WONDER WHY YOU’RE LOSING.”

On the ID Parade, Vic: “This is like a Gap ad for the elderly…”

Mark thinks Brian should guess for ID Parade, embarrassing him yet again.
Vic: “Get ready for a barnyard analogy…”

Next Lines:
Mark: “What I am is what I am.”
Sean: “A DUCK.”

Mark: “I’m a genie in a bottle.”
Vic: “I’m a duck in a pond.”

Mark’s signoff: “It’s the last show of the series, and thank god- it means I can stop paddling now. Good night.”
This was supposed to be the finale? There are 3 shows left.

Overall: A bit of an odd show, with an amazing running gag, and not the greatest panel. Jamie didn’t do too much, Mary was just strange, Brian was good for some Mark gags, and Vic was actually really funny, but this one should be known for being the Duck Episode.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Vic
Best Runner: Mark the Duck.


2 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S6E7, or AS YOU SEE, BRIAN, I’M A DUCK!

  1. I think I can explain this.

    The Christmas Specials are rarely, if ever, counted towards a series count. The two episode airing in February 2000 were intended to be part of a longer series but Mark fell ill with chronic fatigue after recording two episodes so had to rest himself. Buzzcocks would return in the autumn.

  2. It’s in this episode that Vic Henley, after yet another surreal joke from McFadden, offers the Irish boyband veteran The Ultimate Compliment:- “I’ve seen David Lynch films that made more sense than you!”

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