Nevermind Watchdown: S6E10, or, Well, You’ve got MY Vote…

Well, since it’s a Junior Simpson episode, we weren’t able to find episode 9 anywhere, so onto the finale. Another one featuring 4 people I haven’t heard of.

Kelle Bryan used to sing with Eternal. Simon Day was on The Fast Show for a while. Nicky Shaw is the drummer of Thunderbugs. Chas Hodges is one half of Chas and Dave.

Chas: “It’s a headline of a newspaper, ‘Frank Sinatra goes to Hollywood’
Phill: “It’s a headline of a newspaper? Bloody great idea, there-”
Mark: “Phill, Phill. I can HEAR Chas.”

Kelle does an impression of Rick Astley, to prove a point.
Mark: “Even by this show’s standards, one of the worst impressions I’ve ever seen.”
What’s more, the CUT TO PHILL. The editors KNOW WHAT’S UP.

Kelle: “I thought that it was based on the fact that they wanted to be…positive about themselves, so they called themselves the WonderStuff.”
Mark: “That’s a lovely idea, Kelle. You’re the only person in this room that could have thought that up.”

Sean, to Kelle: “Where did you get the name Eternal? Is it because you all thought you’d be in the band forever?”
And for a brief moment, the spirit of Simon Amstell inhabited Sean. And it was marvelous.

Simon, after the round’s gone out of control: “SO…TO SUM UP…”

Kelle, in her rationalization, winks at Mark.

Sean: “Steely Dan were 120-foot tall. That [pointing to a structure in the video] is actually a helicopter there.”

Sean, to Kelle on her pope story: “So when you went up to the Pope and went “Hi, we’re Eternal”, did the Pope go “I DON’T THINK SO…”

Sean, who is KILLING IT tonight, on Bono: “Bono’s name came from a shop on O’Connoll street. They were going down the road, but they were looking in the mirror so they read it backwards. He thought it was ‘Bono’, but it was actually Ireland’s first sex shop, called ‘O’Knob.’

In the midst of Phill and Nicky’s god-awful Intros: “Yeah, you’re gonna get this…and I’m on slim fast…”

Mark: “The Spencer David group featured Stevie Winwood and his brother Muff. Make up your own joke…”

Next Lines:
Mark: “Hey dude.”
Sean: “…you’re looking good toniiiight…”
Mark: “from Sean’s book of chat-up lines…”

Overall: Solid show, though it fell apart towards the end. Good for some great Sean lines, and for Mark fucking with Kelle about her being competitive on a quiz show, and Chas running for office, but fairly lightweight, especially for a series finale.

Best Regular: Sean
Best Guest: Kelle
Best Runner: Chas for mayor

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest Comic: Arthur Smith or Rich Hall
Best Guest Musician: Suggs or Boy George
Most Useless Panelist: Sister Bliss
Biggest Character: J, or Marianne Faithfull
Best Episode: Episode 6
Worst Episode: by default, Episode 3.
Episode I wish they’d let me see: Episode 9
Best Runner: Mark is a Duck (Episode 7)


3 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S6E10, or, Well, You’ve got MY Vote…

  1. The second episode of the 7th series that never was due to Mark developing chronic fatigue syndrome. After a break, Mark would be back with a shaven head hosting Lamarr’s Attacks (get it?) in the summer and what eventually became the 7th series of Buzzcocks in the autumn.

  2. Nicky Shaw was a dead weight in this episode, not really contributing much, apart from appearing confused during the Identity Parade…

    Mark: Nicky, you’re in a band, I mean there must be certain rock and roll characteristics that you look out for.
    Nicky: …Yeah, this is just too easy, Mark(!)

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