Nevermind Watchdown: S7E3 or IF YOU CLAP, I’LL BREAK YOUR HANDS!

Another episode of 4 panelists that are new to the show, and new to me.

Mark Morriss sang with the Bluetones. Bradley Walsh is a comedian and actor, and was on Coronation Street for a while, as well as Law and Order: UK. Gary Stringer is the lead singer of Reef. June Sarpong is an MTV presenter, which never bodes well for this programme.

There is something very amusing about very-Irish Sean Walsh rapping along to MC Hammer.

Mark: “Mark, do you have any thoughts?”
Morriss: “Well, I came at it from a different angle-”
Mark: “GOOD.”

Mark, on Gary’s Bez impression: “Is he having a stroke?”
Phill: “Not til after the show, you know the rules.”

To be honest, not a lot’s going on so far. The panel is kind of dead, and they’re not doing a whole lot.

June, in ID Parade: “Definitely not #5”
Phill: “Why not? Where’s your logic there?”
June, earnest: “She just doesn’t look anything like her…”
When that line gets an applause, you know that’s a weak episode.

Next Lines:
Mark: ‘I beg your pardon.”
Bradley: “I’ve just farted.”

Mark: “Her hair is hollow gold.”
Bradley: “And her, uh, minge is bald as a badger!”
Just Bradley’s unhinged-ness is making this semi-worthwhile.

Overall: That wasn’t remotely funny. Can we pretend that didn’t happen?

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Bradley
Best Runner: Clapping through Intros.


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