Nevermind Watchdown: S7E5

Yeah, I took a few days off, but tonight we return to the NMTB-ing, with another Bob Mortimer episode, which I am excited for, since the last time Mark had Vic or Bob on, he ridiculed them endlessly.

Kirsty MacColl was an english singer/songwriter, who died a few months after this was taped, sadly. Joe Washbourne is the lead singer of Toploader. Jamelia is an R&B singer who was 19 when this episode taped.

Mark: “So, what do you think Phil Oakey and the band were trying to get across there.”
Sean: “‘We’re shit.'”

Sean: “Kirsty, are you a fan of the Human League?”
Kirsty: “Erm…”
Mark: ‘I think that says it all…”

Bob, on Elton’s song: “It’s about freedom, Mark. Freedom for Elton to be exactly what he is.”
Mark: “Which is what?”
Phill: “Badly dressed.”

Jamelia: “Even though I wasn’t born when this song came out-”
Mark: “Doesn’t matter. I’ve heard of JESUS!”

Sean starts an intro with a constant “DUN-DUN” drumbeat. Mark, thinking exactly what I was thinking, starts singing the 20th Century Fox theme, trying to throw Joe off.

Mark: “I’m not gonna let you guess answers, Bob.”
Bob: “I know my music.”
Mark: “Yes, but do you know other people’s? Because it’s not gonna be ‘Dizzy’ three times, BELIEVE ME.”

Then, on one of Phill’s intro, Mark starts singing “WE ARE SIAMEEESE IF YOU PLEEEEEASE…” Jesus, he’s on a roll tonight.

#5 in the ID Parade is introduced as “DOCTA GET YOU INTO MY LIFE”, and then he pulls out the world famous kazoo for the next few notes.

Kirsty: “Just by process of deduction, I don’t think it’s #3 because I think he used to be a Russian President.”

Sean, after he botches a ID Parade round: “I guess I’ll just start writing my resignation from the show…”
Mark, holding up the magic lamp: “AND FINALLY MY DREAM HAS COME TRUE!”

After Phill’s umpteenth joke about #4
Phill: “He’s an array of people, Mark…”
Phill: “i dunno…ARE YOU?’

Mark, Next Lines: “It’s a fine day, people open windows.”
Sean, a la George Formby: “WHEN I’M CLEANING THEM!”

Mark signs off by rubbing the lamb one more time, looking over at Bob, and then sighing “oh, he’s still here…”

Overall: Slower show than the usual caliber of S7, but not as bad as Episode 3. Bob Mortimer allowed for a ton of great moments, and everybody was really into it, if kind of quiet.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Bob
Best Runner: The Magic Lamp


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