Nevermind Watchdown: S7E7, or, AAAAHHH FREAKOUT!

Okay, good, we’ve got another Sean Lock episode. Always extraordinarily promising. Also, it helps that we’ve got Sporty Spice back in the house, after the great job Scary Spice did a few episodes back.

Dermot O’Leary is a DJ and TV presenter, best known for hosting the X Factor for a while back there. Paul Young was in the Q-Tips, and sang the first few lines of the Live Aid single.

Phill says that Hendrix’ face in the video looks like he’s auditioning for a German porno film. He then says that the line ‘move over, rover, let Jimi take over’, is “about how happy he was when he went on ‘My Man and His Dog’? “Come by, Hendrix”
Mark: “That could have been a credit at the end of the porn film, ‘cum by Hendrix.'”

Sean: “Is it about spontaneous canine combustion, when dog just go “WOOF”, and blow up.”
Mark: “Oh, Jesus…”
Sean: “I mean, I think that fit in quite well…”
Mark: “Not in the finished show it won’t…”

Mark: “In a recent book, Hendrix’ former girlfriend Cathy Essingham-”
(Mel coughs loudly)
Mel: “I’m sorry…”
Mark: “It’s alright…I’ve had fits over some of your records…”

During one of Phill’s jokes, someone from the back of the audience can be heard going “EEEHHHHH!!!” Mark has to stop everything, and go “HOLD ON, HAVE YOU BROUGHT IN SOME OF YOUR ESSEX MAFIA?” And then they scream even louder.

For Phill and Paul’s ‘Wonderful Tonight’ intro, Phill does the main guitar melody and Paul does the bass. Mark, after about 20 seconds, makes them switch, because “Paul’s a world class singer, and you’re you.”

Paul eventually does do the melody in the same sort of tone, and Mark has to go “HOLD ON, MY MISTAKE…”

I love how Mark just keeps bringing back Freak Out in every bit. He yells it at the beginning of one of Sean’s titles, and names one of the ID Parade ones #5, ‘AAAAHHH Freak Out.’ He’s just keeping this going.

Sean: “#2 seems like he’s in a far our place…like Lawrence of Alabia-I MEAN ARABIA!”
Mark: “LAWRENCE OF A LABIA?? That’d be a good porno…”

Overall: Another weak episode. At least Mark had Sean to quarrel with and mel to screw with, but there weren’t a lot of big moments to remember.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Sean


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