Nevermind Watchdown: S7E8, or With your…Channel 4 Horseracing Face?

Bit of an odd panel tonight. We have two people we’ve seen before: Dane Bowers, a member of Another Level, and Dave Gorman, a bearded comedian and world-traveller. Kate Thornton, a pretty well known TV presenter is here, as well as…David Soul, who played Hutch in Starsky and Hutch???

I have no idea how this is going to work, but I’m interested in seeing it.

Phill: “Johnny Cash, the Man in Black, but I don’t remember him from the film. I remember Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones…”

Phill: “Alan Osmond, must have gotten tired of being a mormon, now a transsexual pre-op. Is he now a boy named Sue?”
Phill, early on, is having a ball here.

Phill, again: “Did Johnny Cash shoot Alan Osmond…for the ivory?”

David: “Why don’t you be a good sport, help us out?”
Mark: “Nah, not my nature…it’d be like you solving the crime right at the beginning!”

After the Robert Smith and Divine intro clip, Sean: “How did you manage to get both Phill and my audition tapes?”

Dane, on Divine: “On Eastenders, I think that Martine McCutcheon’s let herself go a bit…”
Mark: “OOOOOHHHH! You’re in trouble with her!”
Sean: “It’s DIVINE, Dave! That’s the one Hugh Grant got the blow job off..”

After the clip of Robert Smith on Sean’s show: “At last, someone’s seen that show.”

For Phill and David’s ‘Dueling banjos’ intro, David, without warning, grabs Phill’s backside while they’re doing squealing noises, prompting a perturbed Phill to yell “OH, EASY! NOW I SEE WHY THE SHOW GOT CANCELLED!”
Mark: “This is intros, not reenactments.”
Phill: “Been taken roughly from behind by David Soul- DEAR DIARY!”

Mark, over the first two of Sean’s intros, starts singing Come on Eileen, which throws off Dave. Mark’s defense: ‘I LIKE THAT SONG!!”
Dave: “I only came here tonight to try and get David Soul’s autograph. I’ve got this magazine and everything!”

After David signs the magazine, Dave: “I bought that this morning for a fiver. It’s worth thirty quid now…”

Dave tries to grab the envelope out of Dane’s hands. Sean, in response, goes “You trying to be postmodern? With your…channel four horse-racing face??”

Dave: “I have it on good authority that that’s not his tie?”
Mark: “What is it?”
Dave: “It’s a big, pink cock. A big pink cock tie.”
Mark: “I wanted a big, pink Thai cock, but I couldn’t afford it when I was little…”

On the Flying Picketts, lined up in the video:
Dane: “Looks like the entire timeline of Doctor Who.”
Phill, a la ID Parade: “Mark, I think the lead singer of the Flying Picketts is #3…”

Next Lines:
Mark: “Something in the way she moves.”
Sean: “Makes us think she’s got one leg…”
Mark: “If you remember who that song’s by, I think we can’t really use that one…”
Sean: “Who’s it by?”
Mark: “The Beatles song, and now Paul McCartney’s going out with her…”

David, confused: “What was it? And their guns and their drums?”
Mark: “It’s quick fire, Hutch. It’s like a big car chase. None of that “I can’t get me seatbelt on…”

Overall: a MUCH BETTER episode, especially considering the talent- four people that were really into it, and each brought their own, funny things to it. Even the regulars were on tonight. Dave and Dane had a lot of funny stuff, Kate had some great little stupid moments, and David was great interacting with Mark.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Dave
Best Runner: Mark singing Come on Eileen.


2 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S7E8, or With your…Channel 4 Horseracing Face?

  1. The broadcast of that clip of Sean’s Show massively multiplied it’s views by five million… to five millon.

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