Nevermind Watchdown: S8E1, or Too Late for Mr. Denver

So the last two episodes of Series 7 aren’t on youtube, and it pisses me off. Episode 9 is, but the rip is in such crap quality that I can’t understand what anyone’s saying. So yeah- Alvin Stardust and Rich Hall’s return will have to wait.

For now…the return of Brian Molko, which I’ve kind of been waiting for. Sarah Cawood is also back, and hopefully this time someone will notice. Rhona Cameron, a gay Scottish comedian, is also on the panel, as is Pete Devereaux, a member of garage band Artful Dodger.

Mark let his hair grow out a bit. This is…new.

Mark, in his intro for Sarah, said she attended the Royal Ballet Institute, “but let due to back problems. They wouldn’t have her back…”

Brian, on ZZ Top and John Denver: “ZZ Top’s drummer, I think, shot himself in the bollock, and I think John Denver shot his load over a mountain…”
Mark: “You’d like to think so, wouldn’t you?”
Sean: “Is that what caused the crash? Didn’t put THAT in the official report…”

Sean, on John Denver: “He had three big hits, ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’, ‘Rocky Mountain High’, and ‘Mayday Mayday Mayday’
I should be appalled by all these John Denver plane crash jokes…but I’m amused.

Sean rolls in another one: “Is ZZ the noise the plane made as it was going down?”

Mark, with ONE MORE: “In addition to all his hits, John Denver also wrote ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’. Unfortunately, he neglected to write ‘ARRIVING on a jet plane.’

Phill: “In that OMD video, you get a shot of their equipment. Orchestral Maneuvers are going to be taking the place of air traffic control…”
Sean: “Too late for Mr. Denver, though…”

Sean and Brian’s chemistry is fun, especially in Intros, where Brian confuses Sean with a count off, and Sean just keeps giving him the count off every other time, adding in a FOUR even if it’s a 3 count.

Phill sees Sarah getting distracted during his first Intro. He motions to his shirt and says “LISTEN TO SUPERMAN…WHO’S LET HIMSELF GO A BIT! Why couldn’t they put kryptonite in the burgers?”

There’s a lot of joy in how atrocious Sarah is at guessing, and how literally every intro Phill gives ends up going completely to waste. Between this one and the last round, Phill very well might be on the way to a huge bellyflop this episode.

Pete on Phill’s Dress You Up model: “Is that a Kiss-o-gram for Lemmy?”

Next Lines:
Mark: “S Y S L J F M”
Sean: “Hello from the dyslexics!”

Overall: Great start, crap ending. Brian and Rhona were really helpful, and Brian, as usual, put in a standout performance, especially with his ABBA fixation, but not a ton else happened worth reporting.

Best Regular: Sean
Best Guest: Brian
Best Runner: John Denver


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