Nevermind Watchdown: S8E4 or DUH-DUH-DUH-DUDUDUH!

FINALLY, we get to watch a Junior Simpson episode, as Youtube is actually letting me watch one. The other two earlier ones i’m gonna have to go back to when someone blippin’ posts them, but for now, we can have this one.

Also on the panel tonight are Claire Richards, another member of Steps, Miles Hunt, lead singer from The Wonder Stuff, and Michael Greco, an Eastenders star and poker player.

Phill: “Claire, why d’you think he’s called Moby.”
Claire: “Uh, because he’s a Londoner. You know, ‘Moby.”
Phill and Junior, to the audience, simultaneously, as if to justify: “SHE’S IN *STEPS*!”

Sean, on the shot of Christina Ricci cradling Moby: “Is this not the ‘hello’ picture from the Madonna-Guy wedding?”
Mark: “Much more like the Michael Douglas- Catherine Zeta Jones, isn’t it??”

Michael talks about the moments in Eastenders where they music goes “DUH-DUH-DUH-DUDUH!”, and he looks at the camera vacantly. “We get about 5 a year, so I really look forward to ’em.”
Mark: “Do you practice in the mirror with your drum machine?”

For the Procol Harum clip, which is funny enough on its own, Phill asks to see the clip without any sound…and then he promptly redubs it into an advert for ‘Lord Lucan’s Fashion House’, which made me laugh especially hard.

Phill to Claire before his first intro: “I may get the tune wrong on this one, because I just saw down your top.”

Mark: “Racey had an ill-advised tour of Japan. It was constantly interrupted by heckles of “Nevermind Racey, where’s Cagney??”
Mark, continuing the thought bubble gag: “I wish I hadn’t have said that…”

Sean finishes his first intro with a “DUH-DUH-DUDUH!”, to throw off Michael. He even follows it up with “Changing Rooms is up next.”

Michael, halfway through the show, just break dances for a spell. By the time he gets back, Sean goes “That’s great, I had no idea you were gay…”

Michael: “I only know stuff from Steps, and Boyzone, and…”
Sean: “Yeah, cause you’re gay!”

Michael: “Listen, I’ve got a lot of Scottish friends, and #3-”
Sean: “Yeah, lot of gay people up there…”
I know this running gag must hit Michael hard…but I love it.

Miles: ‘And it was a kid friendly band…”
Mark: “#4 definitely looks kid friendly.”
#4 is this very tall, older, scary looking dude. And it’s hysterical.

Miles is insisting that it’s 3, but Sean knows it’s 5 because of a look he just got from him. Mark, amusedly, goes “THAT’S THE TEAM SPIRIT THAT KEPT THE BAND TOGETHER, MILES!”

Junior, on the cowboy-hat wearing lineup of Benders: “Is this Westlife of years to come?”
Phill: “Wild Westlife.”

Next Lines:
Mark: “To the left, to the right.”
Junior: “That’s the way me dick swings!”

Mark: “Your letter was only the start of it.”
Sean: “And then I read it, and…there was loads more writing”

Overall: Yeah, still not the volume of Ep. 2, but still on the right track. Sean’s panel was wonderful tonight, featuring the very loose Miles, and Michael, who was a great launching pad for a lot of Sean’s jokes. Not a lot of Junior tonight, and just enough of Claire, so that there was a nice amount of Steps jokes.

Best Regular: Sean
Best Guest: Miles
Best Runner: Thought Bubble.


One thought on “Nevermind Watchdown: S8E4 or DUH-DUH-DUH-DUDUDUH!

  1. Number 5 in the Wayne Fontana lineup is Old Chief Sweaty Armpit in the Noel Redding lineup of series 3 (as Donna McPhail discovered to her disgust)

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