Nevermind Watchdown: S8E5 or I’m walking away…FROM POPSTARS!

Three people we’ve seen before tonight: Glenn Tilbrook from Squeeze, Dane Bowers from Another Level, and Vic Henley, the Southern pitch-dark comedian. Darius Danesh is our fourth man, a Scottish singer and performer.

Sean on the Iggy video: “The Iggy Pop exercise video didn’t really take off…”
Mark: “I wanted to get a body like that, but there isn’t a syringe exchange near my house.”
Vic: “that’s what he’s going for there. It’s the Heroin-Bruce Springsteen combo.”
Mark: “Shooting in the Dark.”

Vic: “He’s holding a flag there because he’s just won the war on drugs.”
Sean: “Or he’s got them all!”

Vic makes the guy go back to a shot where Iggy’s raising his arms like a trombone to the camera. “He’s showing there how difficult it’d be to blow him.”

Sean: “So, does everyone in pop have a large penis, Darius?”
Darius: “I dunno.”
Vic, nearly prompting him: “THE ANSWER IS *YES!*”
Sean, a la Simon: “Darius we won’t be asking you back next week I’m afraid…”

I am reminded of Glenn’s exuberance tonight, as he’s so happy to be here, especially in guessing Roxanne. He was pretty nice his first time out too.

Mark: “Dancing in the moonlight is used as the theme to Jamie Oliver’s advert. You know the one, it’s the one where he’s really annoying.”
Man, it looks like Mark has grown quite fond of butchering Jamie Oliver. And for that…I salute him.

Mark: “Prince has recently become a Jehova’s Witness, and can’t travel anywhere without his bible. Well, he’s got to stand on something to reach the doorknobs…”

On the Tracy Tracy ID Parade: It’s not #2, because she was in the Nolans ID Parade (“#1, I’m in the Mood for Dancing…#2, I’m in the Mood for STARING.”)

Phill: “Why does #2 only dye his mustache? There may be snow on the roof, but there’s a broom under my nose…”

Mark: “And I suspect that’s not the last time I’ll be saying ‘Now Performing on Cruiseliners’, and then an unusual name’
Man, the Darius slams are coming from all over tonight.

Next Lines: “I’m walking away from all the troubles in my life.”
Darius: “I;m walking away…”
Sean: “From Popstars!”

Overall: A lot of Darius stuff that I didn’t type, or, really, understand, but all of that was the backbone of the episode. Dane surprisingly didn’t do too much, Glenn was quieter, but ruled his panel, Vic did give some of the funniest lines of the show, but this episode’s sole purpose is as a way of making fun of Darius from Popstars. And there were some really good ones I didn’t put down, by the way.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Vic
Best Runner: Darius slams.


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