Nevermind Watchdown: S8E8, or THE SWEENEY…THE SWEENEY…

Onto another one, this one featuring a return appearance from Rowland Rivron, which is semi-warranted, and an NMTB debut for Phil “the hairy Scotsman” Kay, as well as two others.

Barbara Dickson is a singer and Olivier-winning actress, which is kind of nice. Jade Jones sang lead for boy band Damage, and is currently married to Baby Spice.

Phill, on Michael Jackson: “He looks like Martine MacCutcheon there.”
Mark: “I prefer Tito MacCutcheon.”
Phill: “I prefer Randy MacCutcheon.”
Rowland: “I prefer touching MacCutcheon.”

Phill: “There’s a bit [in the video] where he’s being attacked by five blokes. Is that the Jackson brothers demanding their careers back??”

So far there’s not a lot going on. Rowland’s great, but he doesn’t have that many lines. Phil is just coming off as really annoying. The other two aren’t giving much at all.

Next Lines: “If paradise is half as nice as heaven that you’d take me to.”
Phill: “Go on Rowland.”

Overall: A lot of stuff that either wasn’t funny or I didn’t get. I guess Rowland was the one standout.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Rowland
Best Runner: The Sweeney theme tune.

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