Nevermind Watchdown: S8E10, or Can We Get Leo’s Pills?

We’ve hit the finale of Series 8, and for the most part it’s been pretty nice, with a lot of funny episodes, and a lot of great moments of bashing. Tonight features the return of Leeroy Thornhill, and an appearance by…Leo Sayer??? Man, I didn’t expect him to show up here.

Leo, by the way, seems extra excited to be there. This could be a very odd show, I’ll say it in advance.

Samantha Fox is a singer and former Page 3 girl. Ralf Little’s a comedian and actor, who starred on Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, which is by far the most british thing I’ve typed today.

Sean, on He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother: “This is probably what Kurt Cobain was listening to when he killed himself. His last words were “THERE’S TWO MORE VERSES???”

Leeroy: “That was made the year I was born, that song.”
Leo: “That was made the year I died…”

Leo says the Hollies’ song is about bringing someone back from the front lines of Nam.
Leeroy: “What, ‘he ain’t heavy, he ain’t got no arms and legs’?”
Mark: “He’s my torsoooo…”

Mark: “Elton John played keyboard on the Hollies’ song “I can’t tell the Bottom from the Top”…I’ve got a hundred punchlines for this one, so let me…(picks one with a mask over his face), ah, #43…he’s gay.”

Sean, at the top of Intros: “Alright, stand up Leo…”
Leeroy, once he has stood up and is really short: “No, I said STAND UP, LEO!”

Leo does a little weird vocal warmup for intros, which seems to concern Sean, saying “we can get a medic if you want”. Leo refuses, and keeps doing it.
Mark, yelling offstage: “CAN WE GET LEO’S PILLS! ‘you make me feel like leaving”

Sean, as Leeroy’s not getting it, to Leo: “Just do one of your own songs.”
Leo: “Aw, yeah…”
Mark: “Oh, we don’t want that…”

Mark: “Slade still tours as Slade II, only without Noddy Holder. That’s like seeing Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant, or Leo Sayer without a walkman.”
Leo is visibly pissed by that one, going “it’s not fair…”
Mark, throwing the mask in front of his face: “It wasn’t me…”

Ralf, after an intro by Sam and Phill: “I dunno, but it was quite fun watching you both jiggle…can’t decide which pair I like better…”
Mark: “I know for a fact Phill’s are real.”

Ralf in ID Parade: “Phill, if you had a badge on you could probably fit into that lineup.”
Mark: “I don’t think he’s actually *fit*…”

Next Lines:
Mark: “I brought you drinks, I brought you flowers?”
Leeroy: “How ’bout a shag?”

Overall: Fell off a bit towards the end, but still a fun episode, especially with the presence of Leeroy and Leo, giving a very strong series of NMTB a fitting ending.

Best Regular: Sean
Best Guest: Leeroy
Best Runner: Mark’s mask.

Best Episode: Episode 7 (featuring Dani “I Drink Bleach” Filth)
2nd Best Episode: Episode 2 (featuring Dave Mustaine and Arthur Smith on the same bloody panel)
Worst Episode: Episode 8 (only Rowland yelling the theme tune to the sweeney made this worthwhile)
Best Regular: Sean, having a string of good episodes, including the Darius one in Episode 5 (“I’m walking away-” “FROM POPSTARS!”
Best Comic Guest: How can this go to anybody but Arthur Smith?
Most Fun Musician Guest: Leo Sayer, Episode 10.
Most Befuddled Musician Guest: Slash from Episode 3. Yeah, great stuff, but looked kinda confused at times.
Best Dartboard for Mark: tie between Dani Filth from Episode 7 and Tania Strecker from Episode 2.
Episode I wish they’d let me see: Episode 6.
Best Runner: Darius insults (Episode 5)


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