Nevermind Watchdown: S9E1 or JUHJUHUJUHJUHUJUHJUHJ

Series 9 starts off with four panelists I really don’t know. Fortunately, Series 8 went so well that I’m not especially worried.

Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot sang lead for Curiosity Killed the Cat in the 80’s and 90’s. Steve Strange sand lead for Visage, and definitely fits his namesake.Matthew Meschery sang lead for OPM, an American pop-reggae band that tanked in the US but became hit makers in the UK. Hm. How is Huey Morgan not suing him? Katy Hill presented Blue Peter for a while, and went onto cover football.

I don’t know why I’m laughing so hard at Mark’s Louie Armstrong impression during the intro clips to Connections.

Sean: “Didn’t Armstrong use to impersonate Bruce Forsythe in his songs? Duhguhdughdudh- good game.”
Mark: “When did Bruce Forsythe say “JUHJUHJUJHUJUHJUHJUHJ”? You just added ‘good game’ at the end. You could say “He’s impersonating Jimmy Savile! JUHJUHJHUJHUJHUJHUJ HOW’S ABOUT HOW’S ABOUT!”

Sean: “When John Lennon was shot, was he singing ‘what a wonderful world’?”
Mark: “I see bullets FLYYY…”

Mark, after the Dolly Parton intro clip: “We’ve had Dolly Parton on as a reference before, and I think I know where you’re all headed…”

Katy says that Snoop dances like someone’s dad, with his arms up, raising the roof.
Phill: “Maybe he’s on his way to meet Dolly.”

Phill says that going down on Dolly would be hard if her hair color was the same, saying “YOU’D NEED GOGGLES!”
Mark: “It’s the first time we’ve done Dolly and gone *down*…”

Matthew: “Dolly did 9 to 5, and Snoop I think did 10 to 15.”
I will say, Matthew is pretty funny.

Mark: “Isn’t Snoop a lot like Bruce Forsythe in MANY WAYS?”

Mark: “In 1994, Snoop Dogg recorded his first album, Doggy Style. Talented bloke…”

Ben: “Hi, mom!”
Mark: “Your mom really in?”
Sean: “Hi, Ben’s mom!”
Steve: “HI BELINDA!” (wink)
Oh my actual gosh…

Sean does an excellent Robert Smith impression for intros, but Katy even says “you’d need some red lipstick.”
Steve: “d’you want some red lipstick?”
Sean: “Sure.”
Just how relaxed Sean’s side is…that takes skill.

Ben: “Ask my mum, she might know…”
Steve: “BELINDA…”

Mark: “Phill, you’ve spent the afternoon with Katy. Are there any dark bits…we don’t know about?”
Katy, misconstruing: ‘EXCUSE ME!”
Phill: “Would I need sunglasses to look at them? No!”

Now Mark’s ID Parade names just get downright cruel. #1 is hitching a ride. #2- Bumming a Fag. The guy turns almost white. Mark has to go “I HADN’T MET HIM BEFORE THE SHOW!”

Ben, once ID Parade starts: “Don’t we get to see a little film or something?”
Mark: “No.”
Katy: “Not a cinema…”
Mark: “Yeah, uh, could you all just go off, we’re gonna watch Jaws 2.”

Mark: “Steve, you must remember Hitching a Ride.”
Steve: “I hitched many rides. I can’t remember any of them…”
Mark: “I don’t know if you’ve seen the show before. These aren’t people that have picked you up over the years…”

Great moment in Next Lines. Mark gives a very obvious line from Paperback Writer, and nobody on Sean’s side knows it. He even goes “Is this like the thing from Men in Black where somebody goes JHHHJJ and everyone forgets everything…”
He even starts it again.
Mark: “Dear sir or madam will you read my book.”
Sean: “….she loves you, yeah yeah yeah…”

Overall: Strong start to the season, thanks to a well-balanced panel and a lot of nice moments. Steve and Ben had the sillier material, but Katy had a lot of great moments, especially with Phill, and Matthew looked like he was having fun.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Steve


3 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S9E1 or JUHJUHUJUHJUHUJUHJUHJ

  1. One thing that struck me about this episode was how casual Mark Lamarr looked! Previous to this episode he’d only appear in a suit – more often than not in full suit and tie – but in this episode (and for the next few series) he was dressed more casually, usually in a jumper or a shirt, and in Sean’s penultimate episode a plain grey T-shirt.

  2. I loved Mark’s stand-up about crossing Snoop Dogg with Benny Hill…

    “Now Ernie was a quiet man, ‘e didn’t wanna die
    So he shot the motherfucker in the motherfuckin’ eye!

    Now Ernie ‘ad a rival, an evil lookin’ man
    Called Two-Ton Tupac from Teddington and he drove the drive-by van.”

  3. I have one thing to say to #5 in the Vanity Fare lineup – “Question or Nominate?”

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