Nevermind Watchdown: S9E2

A return appearance from Faye from Steps. Just what Mark’s been waiting for.

MC Harvey is a rapper with So Solid Crew, and was on Celebrity Big Brother. Paul Ross is a Radio and TV personality, and also has the distinction of being Jonathan Ross’ older brother. Ian Astbury is the lead singer of the Cult, and all-around goth icon.

Mark asks if Steps ever walked out of a gig.
Faye: ‘We did have a plastic poo thrown at us once…”

Sean: “There’s a weird thing in the taxi, too-”
Ian: “Limousine.”
Sean: “Oh, Limousine? Sorry, ROCK!”

Paul: “I must get your autograph after the show, Faye. For Mark.”
Phill: “On this show, we call her ‘The Future Mrs. Lamarr’

Two straight intros that Paul misses, and goes ‘WELL THAT SOUNDS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE THAT!”
On the second one, which is Wheatus’ ‘Teenage Dirtbag’, he’s like ‘WELL WHY DIDN’T YOU GO ‘CAUSE I’M JUST A TEENAGE DIRTBAG…’
Paul suddenly turns to the camera and gives this astonished, annoyed expression.

Paul is so loud and obnoxious, especially when he FINALLY gets an intro right, that it makes me wonder what a family reunion must be at the Ross household. The neighbors must ready their earmuffs. Jonathan and Paul talking over each other.

Before Sean and Faye’s intros, Mark mutters, under his breath, “I wish I was doing this with Faye…”
Sean eventually brings him over, and Mark acts as if he’s a shy middle schooler at a dance, head down, so overwhelmed.

I don’t get it…ID Parade involves a black guy…and NO SIGN OF ATHELSTON??? WHAT IS GOING ON??

Harvey says it’s 1 or 3. Phill and Paul think it’s 2. Phill even goes “if the little fella’s right, I’ll wax his TT.”
Mark: “That can mean SO MANY UNPLEASANT THINGS…NEVER promise a man that…”

Next Lines:
Mark: “Oh my love, my darling.”
Faye: “I hunger for your…”

Mark: “Oh the heads that turn, make my back burn. Oh the heads that turn, make my back burn.”
Ian: “She sells santuary.”
Mark: “Next Lines. LET’S TRY THIS AGAIN. Oh, the heads that turn make my back burn. Oh the heads that turn, make my back burn.”
Ian: “Make my back, make my back burn….that’s it.”
Sean, out the corner of his mouth: “…try it again.”

Overall: Quieter show yet not without its moments. The whole ‘Mark loves Faye’ runner did a lot, as well as Paul Ross being loud, and MC Harvey getting tons of jokes from Mark. Ian even had some good stuff in Next Lines. Just not as, heh, loud as I would have liked.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Faye
Best Runner: Mark loves Faye.


3 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S9E2

  1. I will have nothing bad said about the guy who wrote She Sells Sanctuary.

    On the other hand, you can say whatever the fuck you like about that homewrecker MC Harvey. Remember Simon’s first series in charge? At the start of the series Harvey was married to Alesha Dixon, by the end of the series he’d run off with Javine, his co-star in the jukebox musical “Daddy Cool”. And then after having a child with Javine he left her for another lady, and so the cycle repeated.

  2. “In his autobiography, Marc Almond strongly attacked this programme for maing references to his sexuality. That’s Marc Almond who once released an album called ‘This Last Night in Sodom’. Oh, sorry, let the cat out of the bag(!)”

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