Nevermind Watchdown: S9E5 or I’VE GOT A LITTLE BANJO DOWN HERE!!

Good news is we finally have a returning MTW-er on the panel. Bad news is it’s Mark Steel, and we don’t really have anyone else I know. So…in for a wild ride, guys.

Edith Bowman is an MTV presenter (yay). Kevin Simm was on Popstars and fronted Liberty. Terry Hall sang lead for The Specials.

Edith says the Gorillaz clip, of the dancing gorillas, “is a scene from the new Jennifer Lopez video, because they’ve got tits you can hang coats on, and a big red arse.”

Mark: “Gorillaz are a made up group featuring cartoon characters that only exist in cyberspace. Having said that, they’re still not as manufactured as Atomic Kitten.”
He turns to Kevin and says “We would have done your band, ‘cept you’re here…and I’ve never heard of ya…”

Mark, to Kevin: ‘Why you called Liberty, by the way?”
Sean, whispered: “GAY.”

Sean, on the Weezer video: “This is what happens when you double-book the community center. “IT’S SUMO NIGHT!” “NO, IT’S BAND PRACTICE!”

Terry, on the sumo circle: “It was shot on pancake day…they’re very, very, very hungry athletes.”

I like how low-key Terry is. Like, he gives all his answers in a deadpan, semi-sarcastic tone, like a Ford Kiernan or Frankie Boyle type.

Kevin, on the singing sumos: “Doesn’t look like 5ive have got off too well since they split up…”

Terry, on the Black Sabbath one, tells the true story of how Sabbath got their name from a movie theater across the street. He tries the exact same story again for Weezer.
Terry: ‘Weezer, before they had the name Weezer-”
Mark, remembering Terry’s last story: “They didn’t have a name?”
Terry, seamlessly: “Not at all. They were coming out the recording studio, cinema room opposite…”

Sean: ‘Have you got a name for your band, Terry?”
Terry: “Not currently, no…”
Sean: “Cause at my cinema…they’re currently playing What Women Want at the moment…”
Terry: “Give us a shout when ‘Miserable Bastard’ comes on…”

Mark: “Terry, if you do me a line from any of your songs, I’ll give you the point.”
Terry: “You want me to do a line?”

Mark in ID Parade confirms that nobody on Sean’s team plays instruments. He asks Kevin, who says “Yeah, I’ve been playing Sean’s all night…”
Sean: “Hang on…I’ve got a little banjo down here!”

Sean says it’s #4, because “I’ve got a hunch.”
Mark: “You’ve got a hunch and a small banjo? What a horrible dating system this is. ‘Hi, I’m Sean, I’ve got a hunch and a small banjo.”

Mark: “Phill’s team, you need 5 to win. It’s a mammoth task and it’s never been done on the show before.”
Phill: “Well, I’m the mammoth to do it.”

So Mark proceeds to screw with Phill’s team as much as he can, giving very slow questions, yelling at Phill for cutting him off, just coughing and giving answers and marking them wrong anyway.

Overall: Slower than last show but still funny. I’m not a Mark Steel fan, so his stuff really didn’t speak to me. Thankfully we had Terry Hall being deadpan, Kevin getting along well with Sean, and Edith occasionally making really dark jokes.

Best Regular: Sean
Best Guest: Terry
Best Runner: Terry (AAA-AAAHHH)


One thought on “Nevermind Watchdown: S9E5 or I’VE GOT A LITTLE BANJO DOWN HERE!!

  1. And the song that plays out while Zac “The Magnet” Monro eschews the dignity of his day job as an architect? It’s Blur with “Song 2” aka “Is There Any Jam?”

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