Nevermind Watchdown: S9E6, or Spling is in the Air

As if this series couldn’t get any stronger, we’ve got a Brian Molko episode up here. Looking forward to tons of subtle flirting and ABBA references.

Roger Sanchez is an American House DJ. Tony Mortimer sang with East 17. Jon Culshaw is a radio personality and impressionist. Hopefully he’s not as bad as Bobby Davro. Actually, Jon I recognize from the first few series of Mock the Week.

Brian turns the Supremes video, featuring a bunch of ping pong balls, into a theory that Diana Ross once tried to smuggle dozens of ping-pong balls “in her vag.” Man, I missed him.

Sean calls the wild ping pong ball throw “the first attempt at the lottery. 65! NO 17!”

Brian, reenacting the ping pong vagina: “Get out of my (thwack) why doncha babe…”
Mark: “Brian…I’m guessing you’ve never been near a vagina, they don’t make that noise…”

Brian: “They stopped playing table tennis and started dancing. That must have been when the E kicked in.”
Mark: “What kind of youth club did you go to?”
Brian: “Luxembourg was a very strange place…”
Mark: “It was when YOU were there.

Jon, throughout the round, randomly starts breaking into various impressions for no reason, which Mark occasionally jabs him for.

Phill, on the J.Lo video: “Why has the Edge from U2 turned up, suddenly? “BONO, WE WERE GONNA FILM THE VIDEO HERE! JENNIFER LOPEZ IS HERE, SHE’S BOOKED THE FIELD BEFORE US!”

Brian, on the first intro: “Sounds a little like the theme from Rawhide.”
Mark, on cue, throws out a random whip sound effect.

Phill, guessing the 2nd intro: “Little Willy?”
Mark: “You call me Mark and show some respect?”

Tony, in Intros, uses the word ‘SPLING’ to possibly mime for a keyboard noise.
Mark, confuses, goes “I think spling is in the air…”

ID Parade, Brian: “Were these the same people who did This is Technotronic?”
Mark: “…no, that was Technotronic.”

After Mark gives Brian a point for a nearly-there Next Line.
Sean: “It’s past somebody’s BEDTIME!!!”
Mark: “Alright then…another point!”

Overall: Slower show, but worth it for two reasons- Tony getting increasingly competitive towards the end, and wondering why the other team got points, and for being a genuine chucklehead. And also, Brian Molko, for fitting seamlessly into the lineup on his third and final appearance on the show. Roger was alright, and Jon couldn’t get past annoying here sadly.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Brian
Best Runner: What were the Germans fighting about?


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