Nevermind Watchdown: S9E7, or It’s the Eerie Burger Man!

Okay, four episode left, and the last three contain three hysterical NMTB semi-regs. But, in order to get to those, we have to get through tonights, which features 4 people I have never heard of. Oh, well. Win some, lose some.

Ricky Tomlinson is an actor and comedian, and looks like Phill looks now. Becky Hunter was in pop group allSTARS. David van Day was in Guys n’ Dolls and Dollar. Jenni Falconer is a TV Presenter…will they ever learn?

Phill, on the Missy Elliott video: “With her in camouflage there, is this like a hip-hop version of It Ain’t Half Hot, Mum? What, with her going ‘QUIIIEEETT’. ‘It Ain’t Hip-Hop, Mum?’

Ricky, on Missy’s CGI neck: “I think she’s saying, if you see what I can do with me neck, you should see what I can do with me tits…”
Mark: “#1, I’ll be the judge of that, cheeky chops (this week’s catchphrase), and #2, what do you look for in a woman???”

Ricky: “I think she’s saying “I made a mistake when I appeared in ‘deep throat’. OR…’if ya think this is good, wait til you see what me brother can do with his cock…”

Becky: “I dunno, maybe there’s special effects where she swallowed a-”
Sean, outraged: “IT’S SPECIAL EFFECTS???”

Mark makes a ton of jokes about David’s job working in a van selling sausages. Right around David’s round, a little jingle starts playing in the studio. Mark goes “oh, David, your van’s here…”

Sean, to David: “Did you put ‘Van’ in your name AFTER you got the van?…”

Great moment. Ricky’s doing horribly in Intros, so Mark gives him the answer, says “it’s by the Beatles, and it’s about a sort of…revolution”. Then he passes it over to Sean’s team and David says ‘I think it’s It’s A Revolution, by the Beatles.”
Mark: “I’m not gonna give you that. YOU STILL GOT THE TITLE WRONG! I told him the answer, he didn’t get it, I pass it over to [David], he got it wrong!!”

Mark, before Sean and David do intros: “With your luck in the show so far David…I’d sit down and let Sean do it…”

David, not getting a Sean clue: “do that in my ear.”

David, before his 2nd intro: “Can we have some reverb?”
Mark: “Can we have some ‘off’?”

Mark, screwing with Ricky: “i’m gonna pass it over, it was wind of change by the Scorpions. RICKY, D’YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS?”
Ricky, genuinely: “Haven’t got a clue.”

I’m sorry, I just cannot believe how giggly David is. On any real joke, at his expense or no, he just completely loses it. At one Sean jab during intros, he has to sit down and stop himself from rolling under the table. I mean, at least he’s having a good time.

Becky, ID Parade: “I don’t think it’s #4. Too young.”
Phill, referring to last episode: “I dunno, I’ve been caught by the ‘too young’ thing many times…”
Mark: “I’ve been caught by that much worse…your honor…”

Overall: Back in the swing of things, though a lot less after Intros. David was a joy this episode, as Mark gave him shit for the burger van, and he just was having a great time. Extra points for Ricky, for never having a clue, and Becky, for some good lines.

Best Regular: Sean
Best Guest: David
Best Runner: Burger Van


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