QI Watchdown: G7 (Girls & Boys)

Getting back on the GI wagon, and up to a pretty stellar looking episode, featuring a panelist who’s just beginning to appear more (Sandi Toksvig, your future QI host), a panelist who never appeared enough (Ronni Ancona), and a guy who I’ve been waiting to see on QI for a little while (Jack Dee). And all on a topic about gender. Sure to be a fun one.

Stephen: “Before the 20th century, the colors were pink for a baby boy and blue for a baby girl.”
Jack: “How could they be wrong for so long?”

Stephen: “Right up until the mid-15h century.”
Alan, jokingly: “Boys were called girls.”
Stephen: “Yes.”
Alan: “THEY WERE???”
Alan puts his head in his hands, dumbfounded.
Stephen: “You have to rethink everything now, don’t you?”
Alan: “This is the most extraordinary episode yet!”

Stephen: “And girl children were called…gay girls, apparently..”
Sandi: “I had no problem with that…”

Sandi: “I like pink. Pink makes the boys wink, and I’ve known quite a few boys that are winkers, you see…”
Jack: “Bit sexist, don’tcha think?”
Sandi: “I’ve only just started…this is just the beginning.”
Jack: “Well I’m gonna come down on you like a …ton of bricks in a second…”
Sandi: “Well, you’d be the first boy in my life that’s done so.”
Stephen: “They can get a man on the moon, but they can’t get one on Sandi…”

Jack is Phill Jupitus’ delivery with Rich Hall’s demeanor, and I like that combo.

Stephen: “What’s the best way to get a girl.”
Alan’s buzzer: “‘ELLO DAHLING!”
Alan: “…usually works…”

Alan: “Nowadays, people think that, if you have the football on, during…you know…you’ll have a boy.”
Sandi: “If you’ve got the football on, you’ll be lacking at having sex at all…”

Sandi: “I think there’s a relationship between a sense of humor and the male sex organ.”
Alan: “People are always laughing at mine…”

Sandi and Ronni answer the ‘why are there not too many women on QI’ question by going into detail about female comedians, and how there aren’t many, and how there’s a hesitance of letting them on. Out of nowhere, while they’re going on about it, Jack buzzes in:
Jack: “Is it because once you get them started, they don’t shut up?”
Man, that is pretty perfect. Jack should have been on QI AGES AGO…

Stephen: “Drunk women have 50% more testosterone coursing about their bodies..”
Ronni: “They’re drinking the wrong things…”

Jack gives a sentence in pig latin to Stephen.
Ronni, flirtatiously: “OOH, YOU SCHOLAR!”
Jack: “Plenty more where that came from.”

Stephen: “What does your granny have to do with a killer whale?”
Ronni: “They’ve both got stomachs filled with plastic bags that they’ve eaten by mistake.”
Oh, how I missed Ronni…

I’m sorry, but Alan’s voice when talking about the men dressed as nuns made me stop and laugh. Alan, in a  very proper 40’s England commander voice, goes “Now look out. We’re expecting them to come as nuns. Beware of nuns. With the hands.”

Alan talks of growing a mustache recently and having it come out grey, “and then my wife said “yeah, and you’ve got a grey pube.”
Jack: “Or was that someone else?”

They put a bunch of words on the board that Germans couldn’t pronounce, including Belvoir, which is pronounced ‘Beaver.’
Sandi: “I’m gonna use that if I ever become a dame. I’ll go “no, it’s pronounced DAME BEAVER.”

Stephen: “Why are men better than women at reading maps.”
Jack: “Well, they’re not, you see-”
Jack: “I was so trying-”
Stephen: “Your one attempt to be decent.”

Stephen: “What is unfair about the prize money at Wimbledon?”
Jack: “They only give it to you if you’re really, really good at tennis.”

Overall: A fairly decent episode, if down a few pegs from the last few. The dynamic was definitely a lot thicker, and that makes up for the slowness in the middle. Sandi was wonderful tonight, and definitely made the most of the theme, while Jack made a great debut. Ronni, as she’s done lately, didn’t say the most but was very funny.

MVP: Sandi
Best Guest: Jack
Show Winner: Sandi & Ronni
Best QI Fact: Nazi Nuns.


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