Nevermind Watchdown: S9E10 or GET OUT OF MY SWAMP!!

Looking like a pretty awesome lineup to finish a pretty stellar ninth season with. We have return appearances from Johnny Vegas and Fish, an appearance from Belinda Carlisle of the Go-Gos, and Myleene Klass from Hear’Say for Mark to make fun of. AND, to quote Noddy Holder, IIIIIT’S CHRIIISTMAAAAASSS!!!!

Fish, on the A1 video: “As you can see, they’re all wearing baggy pants. Because they’re not allowed to have sex, their testicles are so huge…”
Mark: “Are you saying they’re filling out those trousers?”
Fish: “Yeah, they are.”
Sean: “Clowns never have sex either, that’s why they wear those silly pants.”
Fish: ‘Clowns don’t have sex for a different reason. Who’d WANT TO have sex with a clown??”

There is something very odd about the Belinda-Johnny dynamic. Johnny, for the purpose of the bit, clarifies that Belinda cross dressing would mean him kissing a woman dressed as a man. And she just is like “EXACTLY”, sort of condescendingly. Like, I don’t think she knows what to think of Johnny.

Johnny, on the bubble-bath-filled Stones video: “Was this an ad for Maytag? You know, the Bathtime Buddy?”
Mark: “I suppose that was a Wyman chat-up line at some point.”

Phill: ‘I can just imagine him in a library, where all his books have pages hollowed out so he can fit Jack Daniels bottles in there…”
Mark: “Can you imagine that? He’s Keith Richards, and he’s pretending he doesn’t drink. “I’m just going off for a long READ…”

Myleene and Fish doing The Chain by Fleetwood Mac is pretty amusing, not because of how spot on it is, but because of how into it Fish gets with his facial expressions. Mark even goes “It’s like Halloween 7!”

Fish, responding to a Mark gag, says, a la Shrek, “GET OUTTA MAH SWAMP!”
Mark: ‘so he’s done Shrek as well…”

Fish has to whisper something to Myleene.
Mark: “Dunno if you heard that, but Fish said “if you don’t mind, could you get out of my swamp?”
Fish: “Actually I said, ‘If you don’t mind, would you like to COME to my swamp?”
Mark: “You know, it wouldn’t surprise me if you did own a swamp…”

Johnny trying to do an Intro is making me laugh. It just sounds like a dying dog.

Again, this round, where Phill has to guess, doesn’t work because Phill knows basically every song ever, and they’re obviously gonna get points here.

Mark keeps using the Del Shannon guitar break throughout the show, or anytime he finishes a joke, he plays it and starts dancing around to it. It’s pretty amusing, actually, and escalates as the show goes on.

Sean on Driver 62: “They were a one-hit wonder, right?”
Fish: “No, they did a whole album…Driver 62, Driver 58…”

A twist in ID Parade for Phill’s side- they have to pick the member of the lineup who WASN’T in Gonzalez. And that’s actually pretty funny.

#3 is ridiculously old, and the teams keep making fun of this.
Phill: “#3 to me is STEEPED in funk.”
Johnny: “Is #3 #4’s dad? And he’s got visitation rights, and he’s made him come along tonight.”

Belinda: “I can see the other four being in a band together.”
Phill: “And I can see #3 doing the books for the other four…”
Mark: “I can see #3 running a Nuclear Power Plant in Springfield.”
Phill, doing a PITCH PERFECT MR. BURNS: “SMITHERS, WAS I IN GONZALEZ? Release the single!”
(I am basically in tears)

Johnny: “My heart tells me #4…my head tells me #1.”
#1 looks very confused.
Mark: “I think if there’s one thing your heart’s telling you, it’s ‘less cholesterol.’

Ah, in payback for Lemmy ‘having a miserable time’ a few seasons back, they introduce a new round where they get to draw on his picture.

Phill’s team has to restore Shane McGowan’s missing teeth. Phill decides to block out all but his two fronts, draw a carrot and write ‘THAT’S ALL FOLKS’

Overall: Not as top-to-bottom amazing as the last episode (although you could say that about any NMTB episode), but still really good, and featuring some great moments, especially out of Fish and Johnny. Belinda was quieter but gave some good stuff. Myleene didn’t get a ton on air. The ID Parade with Gonzalez is a classic, and the whole Del Shannon bit made me laugh.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Fish
Best Runner: Mark’s Del Shannon dancing.

Best Episode: Episode 9, by far, ft. Fairbrass being flamboyant, and Lightning Crackles
2nd Best Episode because that’s almost not fair: Episode 4, featuring Toyah Wilcox and Mark lusting after a picture of Ben.
Worst Episode: Episode 6, save for some Brian Molko moments there wasn’t a ton going on.
Best Comedian Panelist: Johnny Vegas (Episode 10)
Best Musician Panelist: Richard Fairbrass (Episode 9) or Terry Hall (Episode 5)
Best Regular: Mark, for unhinging even further and bringing forth some of the better running gags of the season. (LIGHTNING CRACKLE)
Most Fun Musician Guest: Fish, Episode 10.
Most Befuddled Panelist: Roger Sanchez, Episode 6.
Best Dartboard for Mark: Either Richard Fairbrass or Phil Alexander, Episode 9. The gags just kept coming.
Episode I wish they’d let me see: Episode 8.


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