Nevermind Watchdown: S10E3

Tonight’s episode features return appearances from two well-known British acts who were pretty great on the show last time. Midge Ure from Ultravox, and Suzi Quattro are both here.

Adam Buxton is a comedian and radio personality. Claudia Winkleman is a TV presenter.

Midge tells a crappy joke about Macy Gray involving a gravestone.
Mark: “Where were the pallbearers for that one? MIDGE’S JOKE COMIN’ THROUGH…”

Phill: “Did she call herself Macy Gray because the name Sideshow Bob was taken?”

Phill: “And there’s a bloke here apparently flipping a coin into Macy’s mouth.”
Midge: “We thought it was the money shot…”

Suzi, after the bread video: “I just have a lyric question. Did he say ‘giving me direction’ or ‘giving me erections’? I think he wanted to know which way to go…”
Mark: “Are you thinking maybe his erection didn’t have a direction? It’s almost always, as far as I can tell, up.”
Claudia: “But sometimes to the side-”

Sean: “No, I think they were called Bread because people used to throw them at ducks…”

Adam: “Did you make it up?”
Mark: “Hey, if Midge made it up, it’d be a #1…2, sorry, #2.”

Adam recognizes the first Intro immediately as it starts playing, and tries turning it into Celebration by KC and the Sunshine Band. He’s really into it, too.
Mark, offstage: “I ASKED FOR *JOE!*”

Adam: “I’d say…soft indie pop…recent..”
Mark: “I wouldn’t say soft…or recent, or pop.”

Halfway through the show Mark uses a top hat for a joke, and just keeps it on his head and starts doing impressions. When Claudia nearly jokes during an intro, Mark goes over and says “we should get Claudia a doctor’, puts on the hat, and goes “DID SOMEONE CALL FOR DOCTOR LAMARR!”

Mark has a lot of fun with the ID Parade intros too, like “YOUUUU MAKE ME VEAL…” and “Will the Veal Slim Shady please stand up…” He’s really having a great time tonight, which is nice.

Claudia: “Are we allowed to ask questions or go and play with them?”

Phill on the Fields of the Nephilim ID Parade: “#2 seems to have fashioned a hat out of gaffer tape and silver foil.”
Midge: “Fields of Blue Peter?”

Adam: “I actually think it’s #3”
Mark: “#3 just looked at you and nodded.”
Adam: “That’s a thing they do a lot. That’s the Nephillim nod.”

Overall: A weaker episode, but Mark was having a great time, especially with Midge and Adam. The panel themselves were all really good, and Claudia gave enough crazy stuff. There just wasn’t a ton to write about.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Midge
Best Runner: The Top Hat


One thought on “Nevermind Watchdown: S10E3

  1. Possible sign of extensive “script-writing”: Mark actually explaining the Nephilim-nod joke after the round, pointing out that one of them was known as Nod

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