QI Watchdown: G11 (Gifts)

After a very heated regular-friendly show, we’re now onto a slightly less heated regular-friendly show. Jimmy and Clive are here, which should be nice, but also appearing tonight is Jan Ravens, someone who’s appeared on Whose Line, Mock the Week, and countless other shows. I don’t really remember much of her material though.

All the buzzers are songs that have ‘give me’ in them. Jimmy’s is ‘Gimme All Your Lovin’ by ZZ Top, which he likes. Jan’s is ‘Give me just a little more time.’ Clive’s is ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ by ABBA, which he is initially confused by, but then gets REALLY into. You can even hear Jimmy laughing at this in the background. Alan’s, harkening back to his ‘new puppy’ intro, is ‘How much is that doggy in the window?’

Stephen: “What’s the most common gift sent to the US that is seized by customs?”
Jimmy, after getting momentarily distracted by his buzzer: “Mexicans?”

Clive is in a very good mood tonight, a very quizzical mood, and asks Stephen a few questions, “because you know everything.” I love Clive on the show because he’s the master of making conclusions, as well as making jokes.

So far, we haven’t heard a ton out of Jimmy, outside of his world-famous laugh, but we’ve heard a lot from Jan and Clive, which might set the tone for this show.

Stephen mentions that Obama gave Gordon Brown 25 DVDs of American Classics.
Jimmy: “Did Obama give him a copy of Nailin’ Palin?”
Stephen: “I beg your…*NAILIN’* Palin?”
Jimmy: “Yeah, Nailin’ Palin. It was a film, uh, made last year, about, uh, Sarah Palin.”
Stephen, getting it: “Oh, a porn movie…”
Jimmy: “Well, not a porn. Porn is a very subjective term. More…Gentlemen’s Special Interest.”

Clive: “Was she actually in it, or was it a looky-likey?”
Jimmy: “It was a looky-likey, BUT IT’LL DO!”

Stephen: “Name the world’s greatest cheapskate?”
Jan: “Was it…Diogenese the Cynic?”
Stephen: “Wow.”
Jimmy: “You’ve seen this show before, haven’t you? I think he’s slightly aroused!”

Stephen says that certain insects give gifts wrapped in “a balloon formed from the male’s anal secretions.”

Stephen: ‘Now, what would you call someone who never laughs?”
Alan, pointing towards the audience: “That bloke.”
Stephen: “You’re right…he hasn’t cracked a smile all evening.”
Alan: “He might be dead. Nudge ‘im.”

Jan is giving a lot of information and not a ton of jokes. And she’s supposed to be a comedian. Must be friends with Rory McGrath.

On a series of five famous portraits on the behind-screen.
Alan: “Bloke on the left, and bloke in the middle are the same.”
Jan: “On the left has been on a diet…”
Jimmy: “That’s an advert for the Chin Jim.”

This is an episode that is very high on facts, and is a very interesting show, but isn’t the world’s funniest, and doesn’t have as many break-down moments as the last one.

Alan tries on the helmet that was used to keep women from talking back in the day.
Stephen: “It fits you rather well…”
Alan, taking it off: “Sounds like you had an idea…”

Jimmy, after Alan’s taken it off a few times: “is it a device used for pigs when they’re constipated. I’m sure that’s what it was…”

Stephen: “What do you get when you cross a caterpillar with a butterfly.”
Alan: “A butterpillar.”
Stephen: “OHHHHHHH!
Man, even the joke answers are predictable.

Stephen: “Should have said the other one.”
Alan: “Oh. Caterfly”
Stephen: “GAAHHHHHH!”

Stephen says a man has put forward that caterpillars and butterflies are different species.
Jimmy: “Oh, okay. What he’s done there, is he’s not understood. Fair enough, because it is complicated and you might not…Was it Alan who put this forward?”

Stephen talks about a scientist who coursed electricity through a person’s body.
Jimmy: “Hang on, what year or Britain’s got Talent was that? That is a hell of an act. What, even Piers Morgan must have loved that.”

Stephen: “Where are 1% of all adults?”
Jimmy: “I imagine we can find out. We can use Google Earth, because some of them are quite big.”

Jimmy during the discussion about prisons says “i’d really like to make some sort of funny comment, but something must be done!” As it goes on, Jimmy, still serious, goes “it’s slavery by the backdoor…which is another video that I’ve got…”
Stephen even facepalms.

Jan wins. I’m not too surprised.

Overall: A slower, more fact-based episode, elevated solely by a really nice Jimmy Carr showing, and some good Clive lines. Jan was going too much for info and not enough for jokes.

MVP: Jimmy
Best Guest: Clive
Show Winner: Jan
QI Fact: Dance flies
Best Runner: Jimmy’s porn.


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