Nevermind Watchdown: S10E4, or Nevermind the My Fair Lady

Tonight’s episode features four people we have not seen before, which can either be a blessing or a curse. Let’s find out which one.

Lesley Garrett is an operatic singer and hit maker. Beverly Turner is a TV presenter who dated Jamie Theakston, so ALREADY we’re getting into familiar territory here. Leee John sang lead for Imagination, a funky 80’s pop band. Ben Norris is our comedian, and I vaguely recognize him from Mock the Week.

Phill describes Mariah Carey as a diva. Lesley responds by going, “no, I don’t think so, not really…”
Mark, bringing back the top-hat from last episode: “DO THE TOP HAT AND SAY THAT!”

Lesley: “I’m absolutely sure Phill’s in that video. Play it again”
They pause on a part with a big, darker skinned, guy with a mustache.
Phill: “That’s actually the Hawaiian Tribute Phill Jupitus.”
Mark: “He’s a big lad, inn’t he?”
Phill: “Nevermind the 5-0. Cook ’em, Danno.”

Beverly, on Liberace: “Was he…openly gay?”
Mark: “I dunno, let’s have another look-”
Sean: “…WHAT???”

Beverly: “Then it’s about delusional fans, isn’t it? His fans thought he was straight, and her fans think…she’s good.”

Lesley, at the Liberace clip: “Are they all in wheelchairs?”
Mark: “Why else wouldn’t they have left?? Some bloke put all their brakes on.”
Sean: “Why’s he dressed like Evel Kneivel? Is he gonna do a jump over those poor blokes in the background?”

Sean’s team is just MST3King over their videos. Ben, for the Terence Trent D’arby video, where a large shot of a girl is superimposed in Terence’s bedroom, says “he’s reading a letter from his girlfriend saying ‘dear Terrence, I’m gonna have to leave, I’m simply far too large for the flat.”

Leee has this way of pounding on his desk, as he’s giving the answer. He also goes into a weird Japanese accent, which Mark gives him shit about. Later, when Mark gives a notably crappy Elvis impression, he does the same line in that Japanese accent.

Lesley, trying to peer over at Beverly: “I can’t see her.”
Phill, referring to himself: “I wonder why…”

Lesley, frightened: “all I want is a room somewhere…
Phill: “That’s not funk!”

Lesley, giving Beverly a hint: ‘famous scientist’
Beverly: “Stephen Hawking. Oh, he didn’t have a single…”
Mark: “He’s gonna be on MTV Unplugged next week. He can blink, and that’s all he can do. If him and Liberace got together…they’d be the greatest gay man in history.”

Overall: There was a ton of visual stuff I didn’t write down, and a ton of My Fair Lady references too, but this was still a pretty nice episode, thanks in part to Mark, and everyone, screwing with Lesley. Which isn’t to say Ben, Leee and Beverly didn’t have nice shows, they just didn’t do as much as Lesley. Mark was having so much fun, whipping out a top hat whenever he could.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Lesley
Best Runner: MY. (boom) FAIR. (boom) RADY.


3 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S10E4, or Nevermind the My Fair Lady

  1. Mark: George Benson’s a jazz guitarist as well as a practicing Jehovah’s Witness, and if someone can prove that he’s a Trekkie as well, then he’s officially the most annoying man who’s ever walked the earth!

  2. Lesley Garrett opened the door for opera and stage musical stars to appear on the show, especially Russell Watson, Alfie Boe and Michael Ball.

  3. One good My Fair Lady-related exchange from the intros:
    Mark: “`Stop that cooing you bilious pigeon'”
    Lesley: “…years at the Royal Academy to be called a bilious pigeon?”
    Mark: “It’s from the show! It’s from the show!”
    Lesley: “You just want a straight-man…”
    Mark: (gay gesture) “No I do not!”

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