Nevermind Watchdown: S10E10- Eurovision Song Contest Special or ONE EUROPE! ONE HAIRLINE!

Ah, so tonight’s episode, not only is the last episode of the series, and NOT ONLY is the LAST EPISODE OF THE SEAN HUGHES ERA…but it’s also the special NMTB put out for the Eurovision Song Contest, in partnership with Terry Wogan, who is also a guest on the panel tonight.

As for the other guests, Johnny Logan’s a 3-time ESC placer, Cheryl Baker was in Bucks Fizz, and Sonia was a 80’s-90’s hit maker, repping the UK in 1993.

Cheryl mentions she was in Cocoa in 1978.
Phill: ‘AAHHH! Ooh, cocoa. Ain’t it lovely?”
Mark: “Well hold on, I wanna find out what their favorite drinks are! Terry, what’s yours. I assume something very Irish. BAILEY’S IRISH CREAM!”
Terry: “Ah, you know my weakness. BUT NO…”

Phill: “How do Portugese people breed if the chaps look like that?”
Mark: “Because the women look like that as well…”

Sean, on the Swedish rep: “Apparently he was gonna wear a white leather jacket.”
Johnny, taking off his white leather jacket: “I mean, somebody’s gonna die on this stage, and it’s not gonna be me.”
Mark: “Yeah, it’s gonna be you.”

In lieu of the ESC, the scores are read by a correspondent in Belgium, which seems to crack up Phill.

After another barb at Johnny’s dad, Johnny threatens Mark, saying “do you wanna sit in that seat, or wear it?”
Mark, ever the smartass, goes “let’s find out”, and picks up the chair and puts it on his chest, walking like a model, and goes “MARK IS WEARING THE NEWEST…”

Phill, trying to give Cheryl a clue: ‘Will someone, for the love of God, cut off my penis!”
Mark: ‘What, AGAIN? Did’ja find it??”

Terry: ‘I don’t remember a single Eurovision song?”
Johnny: “Sorry?”
Terry: “I don’t remember a SINGLE song from all the-”
Johnny: “SORRY?”
Terry polishes this with an eye-roll.

Because I’m American, I don’t get a ton of these jokes, but at least Terry is having the time of his life.

In the midst of the THIRD time Terry’s distracted a Intro guess by suggesting an old Irish song, Sean: “THERE ARE PEOPLE IMMIGRATING AS WE SPEAK!!”

So for the ID Parade for Sean’s team, which is a Norweigian act, he’s so obviously the guy, #4, that it puts Mark off, and he asks Sean to pick the four who AREN’T the guy, because he’s just too obvious.

Overall: A weaker episode, but Johnny and Terry were having so much fun that this episode can’t be ignored. Still has its moments, like the ID Parade guy being so obvious, and Johnny and Mark’s patter, but a lot of the humor was lost to me, a foreigner. Still a nice enough one for Sean to go out on.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Terry
Best Runner: Johnny’s dad.

Best Episode: Episode 5 featuring Pete Burns, Kerry Katona, and the points inside Pete’s mind.
2nd Best Episode: Episode 8 featuring Dave Johns and some Stealth Bombers.
Worst Episode: In my opinion Episode 10, but since I may be biased as a foreigner, I’ll go with Episode 3. Had the least amount of stuff.
Best Regular: Mark, for going even more into goofiness, and making this series look promising even after Sean leaves.
Best Musician Guest: Boy George from Episode 1 because he’s so much fun, and he respects and enjoys the game (unlike Pete Burns)
Best Comedian Guest: Dave Johns, for being an even funnier version of Johnny Vegas.
Most Confused Panelist: Shaun Williamson, who looked way out of his element.
Most Annoying Panelist: Terry Wogan, by default. Some people would put Cathy Dennis or Kerry Katona here, but not me. Those two at least played by the rules.
Best Dartboard for Mark: Lesley Warren, Episode 4, or Pete Burns, Episode 5…and 6…and 9…
Best Runner: Mark’s Top Hat


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