Nevermind Watchdown: S10E6

Hot on the trails of one of the funniest episode in NMTB’s history comes a Mark Owen episode, which is always pretty nice. I don’t really know the other three, but that wasn’t especially a problem the last few episodes, was it?

Alexander O’Neal is an American R&B artist. Nemone is an afternoon DJ, which is a lot better than another TV presenter. Ian Watkins was in Lostprophets, and is unfortunately in jail currently for sex offense.

Mark, in the Neil Diamond video, notices that it began on a jet, and then the tour switched to a bus, and “at the end there, he’s walking to the gigs.”
Lamarr: “I love how Mark’s the one who notices these things…”

Sean, like last week, talks over the clip, saying how Diamond was kidnapped, and how he disguises as ‘Pat Jones, the football player’. Sean’s clip readings have just gotten funnier.

Mark: “I think I saw Gordon Parks in the background there…”
Sean: “If he was there, I would have spotted ‘im.”
Mark: “Some of that Pete Burns has rubbed off on you, hasn’t it. I was looking at you, going ‘don’t pout’, but then I couldn’t tell if he was or not…”

As Sean’s team are formulating their answer, a little flashback card of Pete Burns shows up onscreen. Mark reacts with a loud “GAAHHH!”.

Mark, after Alexander’s Bob the builder rap: “I bet you’re like me. I bet you woke up this morning, and you never thought you’d hear Alexander O’Neal putting the smack on Bob the Builder today.”

Nemone: “I think he’s the builder in the YMCA video.”
Phill: “Are you insinuating that Bob the Builder is a gay puppet?”
Nemone: “Well-”
Phill: “He’s not a very popular one. Look at how empty that club is.”

The video cuts to one of Bob’s clay vehicles. Mark points and goes “HE’S GOT THE BURNS LIPS!!! IT’S DINNER AT PETE’S HOUSE!!”
I love the fact that they’re still so shaken by the Burns show that they’re still bringing it up this week. I love that it had that kind of effect. Not as funny as the Moyles backlash, but still funny.

Once again, as Sean and Ian are doing intros, Mark gets another flashback to Pete, and spits his drink out entirely. These are entertaining.

Sean, trying to give Mark a clue: “What’s the last thing your mom says before you go to bed?”

After her first intro, Nemone: “The more expectantly you look at me, the more I go “I am gonna get this right…”
Phill: “When Alexander O’Neal looks at you expectantly, lady, you bear down and brace yourself for a treat.”

Mark gives the ID Parade guys, for Voice of the Beehive, some Grade A joke names, like “#4, spanking of the monkey”, and “#5, case of the crabs.”

Sean, on the ID Parade: “Is it the milk tray relay team?”

Owen: “#2’s got the same hair as Neil Diamond, I think.”
Sean: “Except he’s not an American Werewolf in London.”

Sean: “#3 does look like a very famous Popstar, know what I mean Mark? #3- DARIUS!”

Nemone says that it might be #2 and #5 on account of ‘shirt’ and ‘facial hair.’
Phill: “So why wasn’t I in Level 42?”

Next Lines:
Mark: “Don’t you know you’ve got your daddy’s eyes?”
Sean: “But we’ve already paid you your 40 quid, Mr. Theakston, so we’re not gonna flatter you anymore.”

Mark: “Waits at the window.”

Overall: Not as wild as last show, but still a lot of fun, and still full of nice moments. Mark had a lot of material, especially in not knowing anything. Plus it was nice having Alexander O’Neal on the show. Worth it for the Theakston jokes, and the series of Pete Burns callbacks.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Mark
Best Runner: Pete Burns flashbacks.


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