Nevermind Watchdown: S10E7 or I’M KEEPING EVERYONE LATE!

Knocking out another one tonight, this one featuring Ben Miller, who’s been on Space Cadets, and on QI. Kate Thornton’s also back, which is nice. Lisa Scott-Lee, Steps member, is on the program as well, which leaves Tony Wilson, who is a legendary record promoter and label owner.

Sean, on the “arse-slapping bit’ in the Grace Jones video: “Was this the audition for Hear’Say?”

Phill, on Bach and the Prodigy: “I don’t want to dive right into an obvious answer, but have both had sex with Geri Halliwell?”
Mark: “They haven’t but she claims they have.”

Ben points out the ‘hairy wall’ in the Prodigy video.
Phill: “You see, my wall hasn’t reached puberty yet. D’you think if Elton John had that wallpaper, it’d drive him nuts that it had better hair than he did?”

Ben, whenever he says something, is very polite about it, going “I must ask” or “I beg to ask”, which Mark gives him shit about.
Mark: “Did you go to a conservatory?”
Ben: “Proper schooling.”

After Sean’s first Intro, Tony says “I mean, I have to have it again, i’m told, but I don’t-”
Sean: “YOU’RE TOLD??”
Sean starts looking around Tony for some sort of listening device.
Mark: “Is it the voices in his head?”
He looks straight at Ben after that one.

Tony, trying to guess the Kate Bush song: ‘Apart from the book out there about her first period-”
Mark: “HOLD ON! Did Jonathan King write it?’

I can’t get the image of Tony Wilson rocking out to Linkin Park out of my head.

Ben in Intros was great, because he didn’t really get too many of the songs, and had to keep stringing Mark along for hints. Mark, in one, gives Ben the name of the song and everything…and then turns it over to the other team.

Tony: “#1 is the spitting image of the most sexually potent and attractive musician in history-”
Mark: “PETE BURNS??”
Man, he’s never gonna let that go, is he?

Ben: “I think #1 is rubbish, and I think he’s even brought his own ‘#1’ sticker.”
Mark: “He’s rubbish and HE’S JUST STANDING THERE??? That is one of the harshest things we’ve ever heard on this show.”
(Wait til Simon gets here.)

Mark, Next Lines: “One for the money and the free rides.”
Lisa: “All Rise.”
Mark: “That’s the song.”
Lisa: “Blue.”

Mark gives Lisa a chance to redeem herself with a Steps lyric.
Mark: “You’re a deeper shade of blue.”
Lisa: “And there’s nothing you can do.”
Mark shows her the card, pointing to one word.”
Lisa: “And there’s nothing *I* can do!”
Mark facepalms. The ‘end of round’ buzzer goes off.
Lisa, justifying: “I was miming, anyway…”

Overall: Another solid, if slightly unspectacular episode. Better moments were courtesy of Ben and Lisa, as well as Tony not really knowing anything and Kate being her usual self. There wasn’t a ton of funny moments though, regardless of how in tune the panel was.

Best Regular: Sean
Best Guest: Ben
Best Runner: ‘I beg to ask’.


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