Nevermind Watchdown: S10E9, or WAS I in the Skids??

Tonight is the SECOND-TO-LAST SEAN HUGHES EPISODE EVER…which is pretty sad, but this season’s been pretty nice so far, and Sean’s been the best part of it, so it’ll be bittersweet.

Tonight features the return of Bruce Dickinson, and an appearance from Ian Stone, who was on Mock the Week a few times. Colleen Nolan was a member of the world famous Nolans (not, as previously thought, alongside Athelston “I’m in the mood for Staring” Williams). Shaun Williamson was on Eastenders and Extras.

Phill, noticing a cloaked black and white figure in the BSB video: “Is that Mariah Carey in the back there?”
Mark: “That could be Pete Burns after a fire..”

Mark goes on a whole Jamie Oliver diatribe, about his lisp, how Colleen can’t have him say any food with an ‘s’ in it, or else “there’ll be Oliver phlegm everywhere”. “NO, DON’T GO FOR THE SALSA!” “FANTATHHTIIIIC!”

Mark: “When he was young, AC McLean was Dopey in Snow White. He’s not that sharp in the Backstreet Boys, either…”

Mark, halfway through an unsuccessful Shaun intro guess, says “we only booked Shaun because we thought he was the guitarist from the Hives.” And then they play the clip from the Hate to Say I told You So video…and that’s kinda perfect.

Bruce, in trying to do a high keyboard note, goes literally high in elevation, and Sean just follows him. Mark eventually sees this, and calls them out on it. Later, they try this again, when Bruce mimes driving a taxi, and then he just goes really high.

So they have to do ‘You Spin Me Round’, and in order to let Ian know he’s Pete Burns, Sean just puffs out his lip. Sean, justifying, goes “IT CONFUSED ME WHEN HE WAS ON THE SHOW!”
Also, whenever Phill and Mark talk about him, they just say HIM, without mentioning his name, which is amusing.

Mark: “Rod Stewart was once thought to have his eyelids lifted, after which the doctor said ‘oh, my mistake, he’s still alive…”

For the Yorkshire ID Parade, Mark names #5, “And I’m really going out on a limb with this one….B…York.”

And #5 for the Skids is, music clip of “THERE SHE WAS, JUST A WALKING DOWN THE STREET, SINGING-”
Mark: “Doo-waa skiddy-skiddy-dum, skiddy-doo.”
Man, Mark is having too much fun with these…

Bruce has a theory that whoever he hits the closest with a paper airplane is the real Skids member. Mark disapproves because “what IF you poke someone’s eye out.” So he makes a guess, but throws it anyway…and it lands on Mark’s desk.
Mark has no choice but to go: ‘Are you right, WAS I in the Skids???”
He stands up, jokingly.

Mark pretends to launch the paper airplane at Colleen.
Colleen: “After everything I did for you backstage, Mark?”
Mark: “Yeah, I’m getting you back for it…I kept asking you not to.”
Colleen: “Liar.”

Next Lines, Mark: “Why must you record my phone calls?”
Phill: “You’re the only Bin Laden in the phone book.”

After Mark throws another joke towards Colleen.
Colleen: “You’re so annoying!”
Mark: “Me? YOU were in the Nolans!”

Mark, directly to Colleen: “Don’t love me…too hard.”
Colleen: “Don’t push me…too fucking far…”

Mark: “White man came across the sea- HOLD ON!”
He immediately shoots a look over at Colleen.
Mark: “I mean, you’ve got to admire that level of ejaculation.”

To commemorate Sean leaving the show, they replay the clip from the Johnny Vegas show from a few seasons ago where Sean couldn’t get a Next Line in until late in the round, just to show ‘how valuable he was’. Great stuff.

Overall: Another solid episode that picked up steam late in the game. Great stuff from Bruce, Ian and Colleen, and not a lot coming from Shaun. Bruce always has fun on the show, so I wasn’t worried. Colleen had a lot of fun with Mark, too. Also, this was a great sendoff to Sean.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Bruce
Best Runner: Mark and Colleen before the show.


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