Nevermind Watchdown: S11E3

YAY SEAN LOCK’S BACK! Finally we get an awesome comedian to grace the stage and give some great lines. Additionally, we have Budgie, the drummer from Siouxie and the Banshees, Jason Perry from boy-band A, and Lorraine Pearson from Five Star

Bill and Lorraine get Mark to play the Shadows clip backwards, so it looks like a bunch of teens are dancing to it…and then realize it’s terrible and leave. Bill dubs it, MST3K-style, like “Hey, listen to this music…this is really groovy…i’m really wigging out to this…OHHH…WAIT A SECOND…THIS IS THE WORST SOUND I’VE EVER HEARD…”

Bill points out that the drummer, who’s bent his knee, ‘has one leg’.
Jason: “What, is he trying to get into Def Leppard? [realizing he actually has 2 legs]…oh…”

Bill, at a point in the Commodores video: “Here he’s talking into his ring-phone…”Have we got the Nigeria gig yet? Yes or no?”

Phill on the Knopfler video, a green lighted window: “This is a clip from an episode of the Waltons where the Incredible Hulk appeared, completely unexpectedly. “Goodnight The Incredible Hulk.”

Mark: “In June 1988, Dire Straits played a Nelson Mandela tribute, which is odd, because they look nothing like him…”

Mark: “In 1966, Fleetwood Mac formed, in 1968 they released their first album, and in 1973 they released the Penguin. Fortunately within a half-an-hour the caped crusader had foiled his fiendish plans to steal…”
Amazing misdirect there

Mark says he’d rather be a plate than a horse, via Sean’s analogy, because “at least I’ll never have Lester Piggott on me goin’ ‘IGHEGHEAJLDHEHHHEHHH!”
Jason: “Was he a dwarf?”
Sean: “No, he had a cleft palate…”
Mark: “And he was deaf.”
Sean: “No, he had a cleft palate, TALHED LIHE THITH..”
Mark: “NO, HE WAS DEAF!”
Sean: “No, he wasn’t deaf!”
Mark: “This is the sort of argument I love!”
Sean: “okay…let’s find out…”
Mark: “What, are we gonna WRITE to Lester Piggott? I’d ring ‘im, but HE WOULDN’T FUCKIN’ HEAR!!”
Sean: “He would, but he wouldn’t be able to tell you-”
Mark: “HE WOULD!!!”

Sean: “When did you hear he was deaf?”
Mark: “I asked him if he was deaf, but I COULDN’T WORK OUT WHAT HE SAID!!!”
Budgie: “If he was deaf, how would he know when to start the race?”
Sean, in his usual tone: ‘THANK YOU!”

Overall: Aside from Sean and the Sophie Ellis-Bextor plate, not a lot going on here. Panel was good and played well, but not a ton of funny moments other than the Lester Piggott argument.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Sean
Best Runner: Sophie plate.

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