Nevermind Watchdown: S11E6

A few returns tonight. Tony Blackburn, one half of famous detective duo Blackburn and Slash, is back with us tonight, and Jackie Clune, who was on an episode of QI, is also on the program. Not sure what that means in terms of humor, but there you go.

Chris Baker’s a member of Mint Royale, famous DJ duo. Gary Moore was a member of Skid Row (not the Sebastian Bach skid row, a different one) and Thin Lizzy.

Bill, on the Madonna-Celine connection: “Can I just say…is it ludicrously obscure?”
Mark: “Yeah…so you’ve got a great chance of gettin’ it Bill…”

Mark: Madonna once rented Angus Deaton’s house in North London for a photo shoot, and infuriated him by painted the walls purple. Although, he was soon distracted by other things….drugs and whore, mainly. Our lawyers have asked me to point out, NOT ALLEGEDLY.”

Tony, after a joke by Phill involving logs: “Do you like logs, then, Phill?”
Phill: “Depends on what you’re offering. If you’re advertising something like ‘Tony Blackburn’s Beef Log’, I dunno if I’d want a big mouth full of that.”
Tony: ‘Wait ’til you’re offered it.”
Jackie: “Tony Blackburn is doing homoerotic flirting on this show…”
Mark: “Well, he’s doing ‘homo’, not so much ‘erotic’.”

Chris, right before doing an intro to Tony: “That jacket’s really putting me off…”
Tony, putting his shiny shoes up on the desk: “Well what do you think of those, then?”

Phill and Gary’s Pet Shop Boys intro goes on so long that Mark has to whisper the answer to the other team, behind his cards. Jackie’s astonished expression when Tony actually gets a question right is priceless.

Gary’s next intro involves a lot of tonguing
Jackie: “Is that steel drums, or were you a lesbian in a past life.”
Gary keeps doing it, and Jackie, keeping with that joke, goes “KEEP GOING I’M NEARLY THERE…”

(End of Next Lines Buzzer sounds)
Tony: “What was that for?”
Mark: “That was the end of the round.”
Tony, dejected: “Oh.”
Mark: “Or was it your ROCK AMBULANCE come to take you away??”

Overall: Not a lot to this one, but Gary brought a lot of rock cred, Tony was crazy, and Jackie had some very nice lines.

Best Regular: Bill
Best Guest: Jackie
Best Runner: Tony’s logs.


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