Nevermind Watchdown: S11E8, or FAT PEOPLE WAL-KING!

From one episode with a ridiculously imbalanced panel to another. Tonight, ON ONE PANEL, we have NMTB-famous gravelly-voiced canadian Mike Wilmot, and ACTUAL-FAMOUS Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. THIS, if anything, will be interesting.

JJ Burnel is the bassist for The Stranglers. Nicholas Parsons hosted Sale of the Century forever.

Nicholas: “There were actually elephants in East Anglier. Did you know that?”
Bill: “No, I didn’t know that. Is that why it’s so flat?”
That’s the kind of answer you’d find on QI.

On the Wu-Tang Clan:
Mike: “In North America, Poo-Tang is for pussy. I believe the pronunciation though is, PUSS-AY!”
Mark: “Also, it’s poon-tang, not poo-tang. That’s an entirely different thing. That’s the back entrance.”

Phill: “Wu-tang, which sounds oriental, and you’re saying poo-tang. Is there some sort of martial art involving ladies’ parts, based around the vagina. They’re called Minjas.”

Phill: “This is a whole new theory as to why the dinosaurs became extinct. It’s because they were hanging around with the bloody Wu-Tang Clan. I mean, it’s not an easy life…”

Nick: “Please, you know I’m down with the homies.”
Mike, not understanding: “You go down on the homies?”
Nick: “No, down WITH…”
Mark: “It’s a different thing, Mike. When they say “I’m about to bust a cap in your ass”, it’s a different thing…”

Mark, to Nicholas: “You’re 73, right?”
Nicholas: “I beg, ji-what?”
Mark, to the camera: “Exactly.”

After another random Intros guess from Nicholas.
Mark: ‘Have you got grandchildren, Nicholas.”
Nicholas: “Yes, I have.”
Mark: “Did you ask them for a list of recent songs before you came on…”

Nicholas: “I follow the Sugarbabes-I’d LIKE to follow the Sugarbabes…”
Bill: “Yes, but there’s a restraining order…”

Mike is flabbergasted by Nick and Phill’s first intro. He even goes “isn’t that the sound fat people make when they walk.”
Nick’s reaction is priceless. He doubles over in laughter, then realizes he’s standing next to Phill, and politely pats him on the shoulder.

Mark, on a whim, throws it back to Nicholas, saying “HE’LL KNOW!”
Nicholas: “Oh, I don’t know…”
Bill, whispering: “Master of Puppets, by Metallica…”
Nicholas, confidently by still confused: “Master of Puppets, by Britannica.”

Great moment. After Intros, Phill’s team sits down. Mike and Phill are laughing about how Mike couldn’t get any, and Phill turns to Nick, knowing he just flat out sang What’s Up after a while, and goes “lovely voice.” I love when a panel can get along this well.

Mark, in the ID Parade for Mark’s group, knows the guy literally has not changed a bit since ‘Just Say No’ came out, so when he gets to him, #2, he just gives away that it’s him, saying “or is it #2, *ZAMMO*!”

Bill: “What was the song they were singing just then?”
Mark: “Just say no.”
Bill: “Say no to what?”
Mark: “Drugs. That may be news to you, Bill…”

Mark: “Nicholas, did you see Grange Hill?”
Nicholas: “No, I was too old.”
Mark: “Okay, well if you didn’t see it, #2 was Zammo…”

Nicholas: “Why is one of them wearing a green blazer and the other four have got black blazers on.”
Mark: “I wouldn’t worry about him. He’s not Zammo.”

Nicholas: “Listen, you shouldn’t listen to what Mark says, he’s trying to put you off.”
Mark: “Yeah, it wouldn’t at all be #2, the instantly recognizable Zammo…”
At this point #2 can’t help but crack up.

Nicholas: “#5 has the look of ‘I was an actor once.'”
Mark: “Yes, they ARE actors, and #2 played Zammo in Grange Hill!”

Overall: A very nice show, if imperfect. Phill, Mike and Nick were all a lot of fun, and Nicholas was great in his general befuddlement. JJ was kind of quiet, and Nick wasn’t the personality I thought he’d be, but it was still a fun show, fueled by the Zammo ID Parade, too.

Best Regular: Bill
Best Guest: Mike
Best Runner: Nicholas doesn’t know anything from this century.

4 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S11E8, or FAT PEOPLE WAL-KING!

  1. Unbelievably, as of 1st October 2018, Nicholas Parsons is still with us – he’ll be 95 on October 10th – and still hosting the panel show Just A Minute on Radio 4, just as he has done since December 1967 (save for the occasional episode where he swapped places with one of the regular players).

    In fact, the 82nd series ended last week, and Twitter went into a bit of a frenzy when earlier this year Nicholas was forced to miss a recording for the first time in 50 years due to illness, with your good friend Gyles Brandreth (a recurring guest on the show) filling in as chairman.

    • I WISH Gyles was my good friend. Imagine the conversations.

      Glad Parsons is still kicking. I sincerely hope he’s not actually covered in cheddar cheese, as Mike McShane once teased in a WL playing of Bartender.

      • It’s funny you should mention Mike McShane, as he was on Just a Minute a few times (a couple of appearances at shows recorded at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2008 and 2009 as well as two episodes in 2015). He had some funny lines, even if he didn’t fully grasp the rules of the game.

      • Well, my comment above was due to age. Sadly Nicholas Parsons joined the celebrity bucket kickers club in the early hours of Tuesday morning, aged 96. The outpouring of grief from the British comedy world on the Twittersphere (except for Paul Merton) was immense, mainly with fond memories of recording the radio panel show Just a Minute.

        Paul Merton: “He was always upbeat, and loved to work. He gave 100% to everything he did. Nicholas was the embodiment of Just A Minute, and his chairmanship was always very fair and very honest. I will miss him greatly as a friend, particularly as I thought he would be around forever.”

        Stephen Fry: “Oh no. Nicholas Parsons gone? He ruled Just a Minute for Just a Lifetime. A stunning achievement: never scripted, always immaculate. From comedian’s sidekick to great institution, via Sale of the Century & much more. Unrivalled continuity, professionalism & commitment. Farewell x”

        Josie Lawrence: “RIP dear Nicholas Parsons. A lovely witty man who was always so kind to me.”

        Gyles Brandreth: “The end of an era. Nicholas Parsons was such a lovely man – and so versatile: actor, entertainer, writer, TV star & radio host without equal, but for me, most of all, friend. I knew him for more than 50 years: he was simply the best. Thinking of his wonderful wife Annie & family.”

        Graham Norton: “The sound of the final whistle. Nicholas Parsons was truly the kindest and most generous person I’ve ever worked with. His continued delight at being a part of show business should be an inspiration to us all! Huge love to his wife Annie and his whole family. #ripnicholasparsons”

        Greg Proops: “Nicholas Parsons was a lovely man and a true delight to work with.”

        Ross Noble: “RIP Nicholas Parsons.I was 21 when we first worked together and I will never forget how welcoming he was to me and others like me.He was a born performer who lived to be on stage and never lost his love of being infront of a crowd. A true gent.He will be greatly missed.”

        Julian Clary: “Dear Nicholas Parsons RIP. So clever, funny and generous. I thought he, and the twinkle in his eyes, would go on forever. What a remarkable life and career.”

        Tony Slattery: “Very sad about the death of the impeccable, urbane, wonderful Nicholas Parsons. I spent hundreds of joyful minutes on Just A Minute with him. The perfect host.
        And he rocked The Music Game with my friend & co-host @richardvranch, Betty Boo, and the late much lamented Neil Innes.”

        Dara Ó Briain: “Ah, sad news. A genuinely lovely man, a pleasure to work with, and Jesus, 96 years old! A testament to good humour and curiosity keeping the mind young. He will missed by many generations in the comedy family.”

        Jenny Eclair wrote an obit:

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