Nevermind Watchdown: S12E3

One person we’ve seen before, and that’s boozy, aloof presenter June Sarpong. A few familiar names in the associations, though.

Gordon Haskell’s a guitar player with King Crimson, and has played with Cliff Richard. Mikey Craig used to play bass for Culture Club, “and in case you’re wondering, NO, he wasn’t. Tom McRae is a “moody” singer-songwriter.

Phill: “Thompson Twins. And there were three of them.”
Mark, deadpan: “That was their side-splitting humor.”

Gordon, after a line or two from Phill: “Have I got the right program?”
Mark: “I dunno, we booked Sting…”

Phill, on a security guard in the background of the Thompson Twins video: ‘Behind them, a member of the village people on his day off.”
Mark: “Funny thing is, [the band member] is the Indian Chief from the Village People on his day off…”

Gordon after an intro: “That was about a nice weekend in June.”
Mark, with a ‘careful’ look, points to June, who doesn’t really know what to think.

Gordon seems to be having some fun, especially in intros, although you can tell he’s a tiny-bit out of his element. June, of course, thrives on this show.

After some Bill intro guitar playing
Mark: “Bill, hang on…you look like you’re fingering a giraffe, and I don’t know…”
Bill: “Nonono, that would be-”
And he does the same thing, only higher off the ground. And faster. Bill, afterwards, realizes what he’s just done.
Bill: “Have I just mimed fingering a giraffe?”
Mark: “Not only that, but you corrected me!”

Mark turns his Opus standup into a full-on declaration of war on Opus, wearing a soldier helmet and everything, dramatic music in the background. It’s a rather ridiculous moment, seeing as it’s just Opus.

Gordon announces he once lived with Jimi Hendrix. “He still owes me rent” he clarifies.
Mark: “Good luck catching up with that…”

ID Parade:
Bill: “#1 looks like he has the cold, dead eyes of a killer.”
(#1 cracks up)
Mark: “I don’t think so NOW…”

Next Lines:
Mark: “Wouldn’t it be nice to get along with me neighbors?”
Phill: “But it’s Osama Bin Laden and he shot my dog.”

Mark: “The greatest animals in the land.”
Bill: “Are the…GIANT LIONS!!”

Overall: Another weaker episode, only remedied by June and Gordon playing fair. Mikey and Tom didn’t do a great deal.

Best Regular: Bill
Best Guest: June
Best Runner: Giraffe fingering


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