Nevermind Watchdown: S12E08

Youtube didn’t seem to have episodes 6 and 7, which infuriated me a little bit, so we’re onto 8, one with Adam “The Last Leg” Hills, and Matt “Aqualung” Hales, so it’ll at least be interesting.

Jaret Von Erich is the lead singer of Bowling for Soup, an American pop-rock band that I’ve at least heard of (they did “1985”). Sam Brown, daughter of Joe, is a soul singer.

Phill, on the Jamiroquai video with the dog in the car: “Here, we see him apparently kissing, but what he’s actually doing…he’s got a joint in the dog’s ass, and he’s using the dog…as a crude, marijuana smoking device.”

Of course, Adam brings up his leg. Mark even offers to sign “I love Paul” on the leg…which he does, in front of everybody.

As Mark throws the leg back to Adam: “Wouldn’t it be funny if I took his eye out?”

After Phill suggests that Jay Kay was stolen by a barn owl.
Mark: “Jamiroquai was stolen by a big barn owl. Bill, you wouldn’t have said that, you would have said tawny, wouldn’t you…”
Bill, crestfallen: “I would have said ‘peregrine falcon’.”

Mark, on the Kiss and Morrison question: ‘I will say that Kiss do have a line of makeup products already-”
Sam: “Tongue fur remover…”
Mark: “Possibly.”
Sam: “Or a back crack and sack waxing kit…”
Mark, after a beat, starts writing that down.

After a bit where Matt purposely distracts the other panel so he can get the title, Mark purposely dumps his mug all over his desk…and while the actual intro plays, has to wipe it up, actually kind of embarrassed.

Mark, before another intro to Adam: “I dunno if this one was a hit in Australia.”

Jaret: “#3 and #5 look like they just bought some marijuana from #2”
Phill: “And if it’s as good as the look on #5’s face dictates, I’M IN!”

Mark’s ‘House that Jack Built” intro names just get funnier as they go along.
#3: House of Pain, which #3 grimaces a bit at.
#4: Howsweet it is to be loved by you, which #4 is trying not to react to.
#5 (in a full fledged Jimmy Savile): “HOWSABOUTHOWSABOUTNOWTHENNOWTHEN!”

Sam: “Can we just go onto the guessing instead of ripping these lovely ladies to bits?”
Bill, confused: “When are you releasing the panther?”
Mark: “This isn’t the end of gladiator…one of them has to fight off four tigers on chains…”

Mark, Next Lines: “To me, you’re strange and you’re beautiful.”
Bill, adamantly: “YOU’RE A BARN OWL!”

Overall: A very fun show, with a lot I didn’t write down, but still quiet compared to last series. A lot of good stuff with Adam, Sam, Matt and Jaret, with an emphasis on Adam, but it was mostly about Mark screwing with Bill, because their dynamic ruled the entire episode. All the animal jokes that Mark thought were coming, and all that.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Adam
Best Runner: Newspaper Headlines.


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