Nevermind Watchdown: S13E3, or KEEP ‘EM COMIN’ LOVE!

Two people we’ve seen before head up this episode. One’s Howard Jones, and he was pretty fun his last time out. The other is Jackie Clune, who seems more suited towards NMTB than QI. Also here are Megaman, from So Solid Crew, and Martina Topley-Bird, who sang with Tricky, as well as tracks by Gorillaz and other artists.

Phill: “The first place Thom Yorke visits in this curious little Radiohead video is a Woodland Crack Den.”
Megaman: “They’re saying’ ‘wassup nim mon, what’s going on darling? [indecipherable] “We are gonna go to de island of paradise soon- who’s dat guy in de window peeping’ at us?”
Phill: “Cause that IS the squirrel’s accent.”
Mark: “You know, I go to Jamaica a lot, and it’s just overrun with ’em.”

On Jackie’s pregnancy, Mark: “That’s gotta be a terrible slip-up for a lesbian.”
Jackie: “I’m not a lesbian anymore, I’ve been cured.”
Mark: “You woke up and smelled the cockie?”

On Thom Yorke turning into a tree, Megaman: “That’s it. That’s Woodland Justice for ya.”
Phill: “Woodland Justice?”
Megaman: “You thieve from the woods, you become a tree.”
Mark: “I can’t wait to hear your new album. ‘This one’s going out to the Oak Tree Massive- SORRY, THE MASSIVE OAK TREE!”

Phill says the Stones’ clip is Jagger getting in a fight with a midget.
Megaman: ‘Or the Taliban on their knees.”
Phill: “The Taliban on their knees. Political context, like it, running again. He we go “TAKE THAT, OSAMA BIN LADEN…”
Megaman, bad Jagger impression: “Blair’s me friend, you know…”
Phill, going on: ‘I LIKE ADAM AND THE ANTS!”
Mark: “HOLD ON, HOLD ON…He was trying to do a Mick Jagger impression…”
Phill: ‘IS HE???”
Mark: “Do it again!”

Mark: “Thom Yorke’s actually named his kid Noah. Noah Yorke, Noah Yorke.”
Nobody laughs.
Now people laugh.
Mark: “DID YOU NOT GET IT FIRST TIME I MENTIONED IT? I said it, and you went ‘yeah, that sounds like a name. Noah Yorke. Where have I heard that before?” It’s a famous song. Frank Sinatra. [Megaman] does an impression of him in his cabaret act. Some of you have heard of Frank Sinatra. No?”
Megaman: “Yeah.”
Mark: “No, you’re not in the audience. [sigh] got a year left…”

Mark: “The correct answer is both Bruce Dickinson and John Travolta are both both fully qualified commercial airline pilots. John Travolta has worked for Air Greece (Grease), and Bruce Dickinson has worked for Air Guitar. Now, I looked away ashamed, be fair…”

After Megaman fails to guess the Pet Shop Boys’ Always on my Mind’, Mark says “I can’t bear to hear the Pet Shop Boys version again, so here’s the Willie Nelson version.”
About 10 seconds into the song, Megaman exclaims “THAT SOUNDED *NOTHING* LIKE THIS!!”

#2 in Phill’s ID Parade is not necessarily Athelston, but is the replacement Athelston they used one week where he was busy. It’s still not the same, but at least he’s cracking up Megaman.

For the Tigers of Pan Dang ID Parade, Mark’s funny intros keep escalating. #4 is “stick of the dump.” #5 is “the ladyboys of Bangkok.”, which causes #5 to almost break his metal glare.

Bill: “#2…”
Jackie: “That’s your dad, Bill…”
Bill: “I was hoping you weren’t gonna mention that…”

Next Lines: “I was raised by a toothless, bearded hag.”
Bill: “But I turned out alright…”

Mark gives Martina a bonus point for arm energy.
Megaman: “Keep the bonuses comin’ love.”
Mark: “There’s plenty mo- wait, did you just say KEEP THE BONUSES COMING, *LOVE*? HE DID, DIDN’T HE? HE REALLY DID!”
Megaman,shying away from it: “SO-SOLID ME LOVIES!”
Mark: “He came in, he thought he was Al Pacino, he left as Larry Grayson.”

Mark: “Could you two [Phill and Martina] duck out for a sec, because I’m gonna enjoy this one. ‘The runaway train went down the track and she blew.”
Megaman, after glaring at Mark for 7 seconds: “WOO-WOO.”
Mark: “THERE’S THE FELLA. The runaway train went down the track and she blew.”
Megaman: “WOO-WOO.”
Mark: “The runaway train went down the-”
Mark: “I enjoyed every second of that. Because when we edit the show, that wasn’t a question, you were just going ‘WOOOOOOOO…’ ‘KEEP ‘EM COMIN’ LOVE.'”
Phill: “Up and down the country, is the So-Solid Ca-ROOOOOHOOOOO!!”

Overall: Another (so) Solid show, with a lot less panel consistency than E2. Megaman, Jackie and Howard were great, and Martina was a tiny bit lacking. Of course this episode owes itself to Megaman being hysterical and wonderfully out of place, and he makes a lot of the best moments here happen.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Megaman
Best Runner: Mark screwing with Megaman.


4 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S13E3, or KEEP ‘EM COMIN’ LOVE!

    • I mean this in the least insulting way possible, but d’you have any idea how difficult it was trying to decipher what Megaman was saying this whole episode, and then having to write it down? I’m sorry if I got some wrong, but he made Lemmy sound like an Oxford scholar.

      • He does sound borderline incomprehensible at times I agree, especially when he goes into the fake-Jamaican accent. Gotta say, your Lemmy comparison made me chuckle.

        I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Do you plan on making top 10/20 lists of your favourite or least favourite guests? I’d imagine Fairbrass would be on one of them, if not both!

  1. I’ve been meaning to do some sort of retrospective kind of thing, like a larger-scale version of the ‘superlatives’ i do at the end of series’, but for specific eras, like all the best episodes/panelists from the Mark era, guest host era, so on. Might do that when I’m finished with the entire run of the show. I guarantee that Fairbrass would be high on my ‘favorites’ list, though probably not as high as Dave Johns.

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