As if this season didn’t have enough momentum already, here comes a Jimmy Carr episode.

Tony Wilson, famous record promoter, is back with us. New players are Alistair Griffin, who was on Fame Academy, and Carol Decker, who was in T’Pau.

The show opens with a british army soldier searching Mark’s mouth for Saddam Hussein. Kinda sums up the tone of this episode.

Mark asks how misuse of a telephone got Ike Turner in trouble.
Jimmy: “Was it used to call the police?”
Mark: “I’m gonna give you a point for that, because if it went to trial, I think you’d win.”

Jimmy: “So, the lyrics then were ‘Ooh Aah Ooh Aah Ooh Aah Ooh Aah’? So, she wrote that then?”
Mark: “She might have done it. It was a Wurzles tribute record.”
Bill: “Are you inpuning the Wurzles?”
Mark: “No, I was saying that Ooh Aah…are you telling me that the Wurzles never said ‘Ooh Aah’?”
Bill: “No, they didn’t. They started out as a German Expressionist Synth Band.”
Mark: “And their expression was ‘Ooh Aah.’
Bill: “They sold out. They went all ‘Ooh Aar.’

Mark asks what Pete Townshend did with a hearse.
Phill: “Did he knick one, but, like, DURING a funeral?”
Mark: “What, a really slow getaway? Driving ten miles an hour, out of respect.”

Tony: “Does the crime involve Jimmy Savile?”
Mark: “….No.”
Phill: “Cause Savile was a very astute businessman. Maybe he had a fleet of hearses. SavileCabs. ‘Hey, we’ve got te pick up UC over there, now get in da hearse.”

Jimmy: ‘it has something to do with cricket.”
Mark: “It’s the theme to cricket, but we’re looking for the title.”
Jimmy: “Stumpy Bats?”
Mark: “How did you know my nickname at school?”
Bill: “It’s like stumpy bats.”
Mark: “We have to call them little people now…”

Mark, because Tony’s not getting a damn thing in Intros, just says the entire answer (‘hold me close by David Essex’), TWICE, so he can get it.
Tony: “When you said ‘Hold me close, by David Essex’…was that a clue?”
Mark just looks at him for a second.

For the 1st ID Parade, for #5, Mark brings back the dancing to the Del Shannon guitar break, which is still very funny.

Mark, after another Bill line: “Did someone give him Nesquik before the show? He always gets a little…boing!”
Bill: “And a couple of lines…”

For Phill’s ID Parade…oh lord. The actual D-Ring member is #1. There’s 3 pirates. And one guy who looks like Athelston, but isn’t him. Man, this just keeps getting better.
Mark even goes: “IT’S GONNA BE A TOUGH ONE, THIS ONE…”

#5, which made me laugh, is “…IT’S GETTIN’ BUC-CAN-NEER! SO TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES!”

Mark: “I’d like to point out as well that our normal #2, Athelston, who’s always in the lineup? He was busy. So we’ve got a tribute Athelston. We’re hoping to get him next week, but he’s gotten a bit big-headed and all…”
Phill, looking over the panel: “And as the honor guard from the Swiss navy meet the Zambian ambassador…”

Mark, doing a Next Line: “And I find it kind of funny, and I find it kind of sad- it’s a review of this show!”

Mark: “I love your work action”
Jimmy: “Thanks very much.”
Mark: “…lovely work, frying pan face…”

Mark: “I know a girl from a lonely street”
Bill, thinking it’s Lonely Goatherd, yodels
Mark absolutely loses it
Mark: ‘Yes, it was Debbie Harry in the Sound of Music”

Mark: “Stop…”
Allstair and Phill: “…in the name of love?”
Mark, shaking his head: “Hammer time…”

Overall: The last bit of this episode was cut off, but it was one of the weaker installments of the series thus far, even with another hysterical ID Parade. Tony and Carol were fun, and Jimmy Carr was Jimmy Carr (even though Mark was beginning to spar with him), but there wasn’t a ton of material between the panel. Very thin in that respect, though not without moments.

Best Regular: Bill
Best Guest: Jimmy
Best Runner: Ooh Aar Ooh Aar.


One thought on “Nevermind Watchdown: S14E4 or IT’S GETTING BUC-CAN-EER! SO TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES!

  1. And that was the second and final appearance of the late great Anthony H. Wilson on the show.

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