Nevermind Watchdown: S14E8 or You Were Just Booed down by a Nolan!

The reason I’ve had a drought on the NMTB watch down is that there’s been a ton of episodes that keep getting deleted. Episode 8 is the next one, even though 6 and 7 looked really funny. Good news is Episode 8 is a Fish episode, so we’ll be alright.

Stuart Maconie is a DJ and TV presenter. Ryan Richards is the drummer for hard-rock band Funeral for a Friend. Bernadette Nolan is, yes, another member of The Nolans.

Fish’s very first answer is very driven and pointed…and Mark literally couldn’t understand a word of it, so he makes him do it again, but slower.

Phill: “Now, when I heard that Brian Adams throws fruit from behind the barrel, I thought that meant something else.”

Phill: “And you’ve got the coppers there, falling on the apples…and *pears*…”
Mark: “What, did that sentence bore you just then? APPLES AND *PEEEARRRS*! What a sad grocer you’d make. COME ON LADIES, APPLES…and pears…”

Fish mentions that O’Donnell is trying a “Michael Jackson space-walk.”
Mark: ‘His SPACE WALK? It’s moon walk, definitely. There’s no point in a Jackson video where he walks like…” And Mark does a very slow, wide-legged walk.
Phill: “I bet Jackson does a lot of that…”

Nice to get a Guess Who question I already know the answer to. Even more, the guy that made Superstar, the Karen Carpenter movie made with Barbie dolls, just directed a movie called Carol, which is pretty huge in critics’ circles.

Bill’s first line is, as a tribute to Fish, complete and utter gibberish, even putting up a card that reads “this is not my fault”.

Stuart asks Bernie if there was ever a Nolans tribute band.
Bernie: “Strangely enough they were called the Nolan Sisters Tribute Band.”
Bill: “Yeah, or a looky-likey band. You Never Nolan.”
Stuart: “You could have had Sham-Ritchie following you around all the time.”
Bernie: “Oh-ho…oh, no…”
Mark: “Stuart, you were just booed down by a Nolan. Bernie went “OH! THAT WAS WEAK!” And SHE was in the Nolans!”

Mark: “The Carpenters also released ‘Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft.” To them, smash hit. To us, it’s how we got a new team captain.”
The insults barely even faze Bill anymore…

Now…for some reason…they’re not doing the Intros round this week. This is alarming. I don’t know why, but this is too odd.

This whole ‘kids drawings’ round is very visual, so there’s not a ton to write. Also, the lack of intros is making this episode very odd, very alien.

Stuart, on Clock: “This is your kind of music, isn’t it Bill?”
Bill: “Oh yes, we’d often weave a basket to this…”

Overall: A rare lowlight for Series 14. Fish and Stuart were great, and Bernie had great rapport with Mark, but the lack of Intros skidded this episode to a halt, even with all the great Fish moments.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Fish
Best Runner: Apples and peeearrs…


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