Nevermind Watchdown: S15E1 or NO, BONANZA!

Starting off a hopefully-more-consistently-available-on-youtube, and hopefully just as good as Series 14, series of NMTB, and in the panel tonight are 3 people I’ve not heard of, and one person that…well, he’s behaving now, but wait until Simon gets here.

Samuel Preston’s a member of the Ordinary Boys, but nobody remembers him for that. They remember him for walking out of an episode of Nevermind the Buzzcocks after Simon keeps fucking with him. But that’s not this episode. No, apparently he behaves in this one.

Mark: “My team captains are, as ever, on my left, Jabba the Hutt (Bill), and on my right, Pizza the Hut (Phill).”

Randy Brown’s a member of rap group Big Brovaz. Matt Goss was a member of Bros, and is a pop solo artist. Shystie is a female rapper. Classy stuff, NMTB.

Bill’s Connected round is with Billie Holliday and Elvis’ chimpanzee.
Bill: “Oh, so Phill gets two humans, and they give me “Billie Holliday and a chimp.” Next week, what, I get Dido and a bunch of sloths?”
Mark: “Oh, could you imagine how dreary Dido would be crossed with a sloth?”

(After a shot of a monkey cycling past a door indoors)
Bill: “This is probably what happens whenever the door rings in the Jackson household. “DING DONG!” “i’ll get it!”

Preston: “It sounds like some sort of badly-done Kinks song.”
Mark: “Well, it IS the Hives, so you’re kinda right there…”

Matt, combing over Bill’s hair before an intro: “Hang on, we need some props.”
Mark: “HANG ON…Is this Queer Eye for the Freak Guy?”

Mark: “Come on, that is not helping anyone.”
Bill, hair combed over: ‘Yes it is!”
Mark: “Yes, but now [Shystie’s] got to sleep with the light on!”

One of my favorite moments in NMTB history happens in Intros. Goss and Bill start doing Together in Electric Dreams, however Mark seems to think that it’s the Bonanza theme song. So he starts singing it. Goss, while still doing Together in Electric Dreams, starts riding Bill to that tune. It’s amusing enough on its own.

Shystie: “I don’t know it.”
Mark: “That was Bonanza. They weren’t doing that, they were doing Together in Electric Dreams. Let me pass it over…”
Phill, to Preston: “WERE YOU LISTENING? Cause he did say it-”
Preston: “Together in Electric Dreams.”
Mark: “NO! BONANZA! I’M PASSING IT BACK! Shystie, what do you think it was?”
Shystie: “Randomly, I think Bonanza.”
Mark: “Well done, there you go.”

Mark gives Phill a point for getting the actual answer, but gives Shystie more points for the “correct” one. When he asks for someone to play it in, he very quickly realizes that the audio crew probably doesn’t have Bonanza, so he starts singing it himself, into his hands. “And I’ve got to say, my version was VERY like the record.”
And THEN…a magical thing happens. Someone in the control booth actually FINDS the Bonanza theme, and plays it in right at that second. Mark, the second he hears it, completely loses it, saying “WHERE’D YOU GET THAT?”
The rest of the theme plays, and Mark, Phill, Bill and Goss and even Preston all dance ridiculously to it. It’s hysterical every time I watch it.

Mark, sitting back down: “That is one of the most bizarre coincidences of my life.”
Phill: “They’re all out in the sound booth going “Oh, has anyone got a western theme?”You look around, and there’s one guy with chaps and spurs. “Well, I think ah might have a CD back in the ol’ saddle bag….”

ID Parade, Bill: “I don’t think it’s #3, because I think he’s a Restoration Villain.”
Mark: “Restored BADLY by the looks of things…”

Mark: “Hey good lookin’?”
Bill: “Hm?”
Mark: “I wasn’t talking to you.”
Bill: “Oh, that’s RICH coming from someone who looks like you…”
Mark cracks up, then gets the lightning crackle effect back “OH, LORD, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME???

Out of nowhere in the next question, the lightning effect goes off. Mark, confused, goes “I AIN’T TOUCHIN’ IT!!”
In response, it just goes off again.
Mark: “This might be some kind of message.”

The lightning effect keeps going off, and the button is probably stuck. So a tech guy, which happens to be an older guy in a beard, runs onstage to fix it, but Mark and Phill flee in horror, Mark even yelling “TROLL! TROLL!”
Bill, of course, is going “Oh, DADDY! DADDY!”

Overall: Slow start, amazing finish. Talk about a moment changing the direction of a show. From the Bonanza bit on this panel was electric. True, it wasn’t really the panel’s fault, because it was a very low-key one, with highlights occasionally coming from a surprisingly-content Preston, Shystie, and Randy. But man, Mark, Bill and Phill were having a blast, especially with the lightning effect going out of control.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Shystie
Best Runner: Lightning Crackle


2 thoughts on “Nevermind Watchdown: S15E1 or NO, BONANZA!

  1. This was the first episode where Mark Lamarr was credited as producer as well as presenter.

  2. Whoever the sound engineer was who found the “Bonanza” track should have got a pay rise.

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