Nevermind Watchdown: S15E2 or How do you say ‘Showaddywaddy’ in your country?

Our only returnee is oft-shirtless, oft-weird HarMar Superstar, which is nice. Three newbies join him.

Dave Bartram fronts 70’s band and MTW punchline Showaddywaddy. Eos Chater is another member of violin-rock group Bond. Leigh Marklew was in Malibu Stacy and played with Tony “Not Metal, Don’t Care” Wright in Terrorvision.

Phill’s panel notices a silhouetted elephant in the Sheryl Crow video: “And now, today’s mystery animal!”
Eos: “It’s like the elephant’s so embarrassed to be in a Sheryl Crow video that he’ll only be there if no one will recognize him…”
Mark: “That was that year the IRA were using elephants…They weren’t allowed to speak. They had to get a voiceover bloke to go ‘MMMMMMMM!!”

After a joke about Buddy Holly’s plain crash is met to boos, Mark: “You know I didn’t kill Buddy Holly. I was born eight years after the plane crash…the perfect alibi…”

Bill, on a shot of Enrique Iglesias wincing: “He looks a bit like George Michael, bracing himself…”
Mark: “Has he been slammed into the toilet door?”
Bill: “It’s either that or the robot-porn money shot…”
HarMar: “Little WD40, you know…loosens up the lips…”

On a shot of Shakira with a pane of light over her eyes
Mark: ‘That’s a great mask she’s got on…”
Bill: “She fell asleep in the sunbed again…”
Mark: “She’s like the opposite of Zorro. The rest of her face, you can see. ‘WHO WAS THAT MASKED WOMAN?’ ‘Well, uh, Shakira…”

Bill, on the point in the Shakira video when the guy is thrown across a bar with drinks on it. “That’s, uh, Extreme Wine Tasting. “It’s cheeky…cheeky, and oh, vanilla, vanilla AND GLASS! MAINLY GLASS!”
HarMar: “SHARDonnay, if you will…”
(Not too many people get this, but Phill cracks up, mostly at how nobody else got it)

After Bill’s team gets the point, Leigh: “Told you we’re not thick if we’re from YORKSHIRE!”
Mark: “You didn’t know where Spain was!”
Leigh: “I’ve been there on me ‘olidays!”
Mark: “How’s it pronounced, then?”
Leigh: “…’olidays!”

Mark: “Enrique has been quoted in saying what he desires in a woman isn’t necessarily looks. Hm…step forward Halliwell. But, she does say she has to be talented. As you were, Ging.”

After Eos misses an Intro, Mark asks her what she does listen to, and she says she prefers older stuff.
Mark: “Showaddywaddy?”
Eos (rehearsed): “YEEESS.”
Mark: “Nice try. Harmar. Showaddywaddy?”
HarMar (more pathetic) “YEEEESSSSS!!”
Phill: “That sounds dirty, cause he’s like “YYEEEEEEESSSSSS…”

Leigh: “Dave, I don’t know if you know this, but in Yorkshire, if you’re getting amorous with a lady, know what I mean, you say “put that in your mouth and say Showaddywaddy.”
Dave, a la Jimmy Savile: “ShowadDEH-WADEH!” (Hugh Dennis would be proud)
Phill, to the audience: “Maybe you can try it tonight, at home…”

Phill compares HarMar and Bill to “cheap Belgian porn”
Bill, Belgian accent: “I come about de, uh, fridge, yes?”
HarMar, Belgian accent: “But it’s NOT broken…”
Bill: “Oh…it’s so HOT in here…”
Mark, accent: ‘How do you say “Showaddywaddy” in your country?”

Mark’s Intros for the ID Parade ‘Sway’
#2- Walk Thi…Sway
#3- Don’t leave me thi…Sway (#3 cracks up here)
#4- Carlito….Sway. (#4 barely holds it in. Barely)
#5- Swings Both… (#4 AND #5 crack up here)

HarMar, nearing the end of a very long ID Parade process: “I think it’s #2, because of the rips in his jeans.”
Mark: “You know what. Can whoever Terry Sharp is step forward?”
(#2 steps forward)
Mark: “NOW guess. Cause i’ve got better things to do…”

After the last Next Lines, which is Richard Marx, HarMar starts cracking up on the other panel.
Mark: “I’m glad you’ve come over to apologize for Richard Marx.”

Overall: Solid show. Kinda fell off in the last half, but very solid, with a lot of very funny moments, and until ID Parade, Mark looked like he was having fun. Of course HarMar and Dave were the highlights, and Leigh was a great dartboard for Mark. Eos had one or two good lines but mostly stuck to the background.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: HarMar
Best Runner: Showaddywaddy

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