Nevermind Watchdown: S15E3 or Shit on a Bucket, Batman!

Ben from Phats and Small is our only returning player today, so we’ve got three newbies.

Louis Walsh was one of the judges for the original X Factor, and helped create Westlife. Jason Donovan is an Australian singer and stage star. Lara McAllen sang with Angel City.

Mark, to Louis: “You said you met Lenny Kravitz once”
Louis: “Yeah, in Miami”
Mark: “Was he little?”
Louis: “He was tall, but he was wearing high heels.”
Mark: “That’s great. ‘Was he little?’ ‘HE WAS TALL…’ HOW ARE YOU THE GENIUS BEHIND THOSE-Oh, I see.”

Mark, to Lara: “Did you like Westlife?”
Lara: “Well, you can’t NOT like Westlife…”
Mark: “OH, I THINK YOU’LL FIND YOU’RE WRONG. Look into my eyes.

The Intros this week are all TV Theme Tunes, which is a nice change.

Phill and Ben’s first intro is visibly lost on Louis, so Mark asks them to do a remix. Ben beatboxes, and Phill just throws a “BITCH” into it.
Mark: “D’you think ‘remix’ just means shouting ‘bitch’ over a record? Actually, no, I heard a Dido album and i think I did remix it…”

Mark makes another Patrick Kielty joke. Afterwards, Phill just starts cracking up. He goes “Louis just said to me “Does he not care for Kielty?” Am I on a diet?”

ID Parade:
Phill: “I never get a very good impression of this, but #1 is thinking about kittens. A whole basket of them. “TO THE LAKE, OR TO MY LAIR…”

Mark: “I’d steer away from the whole 1,2,4 and 5 business and focus in on the other one…”
Bill and Jason: “3…?”
Mark: “Forget I said that. Out of these, which one looks like the singer from Collapsed Lung THREE?”
Lara: “I don’t know it…”
Mark facepalms.

Next Lines:
Mark: “Touch my bum.”
Jason: “… thanks.”

Overall: A light episode, but it did pick up after a while. It helped that you had people like Louis and Lara for Mark to screw with, but it wasn’t a great episode without that.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Jason
Best Runner: Lara shitting in a bucket.


One thought on “Nevermind Watchdown: S15E3 or Shit on a Bucket, Batman!

  1. Louis certainly got a lot of respect from Mark for appearing on the show in the first place.

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