Nevermind Watchdown: S15E5 or ‘My Little Cockney’

Sadly we miss Episode 4, which is a Toyah episode, but we’re still going onto episode 5, which features Joe Brown, a well known blues musician and rock collaborator who was friendly with George Harrison.

Buster Bloodvessel is the frontman of Ska band Bad Manners. Fun fact- Buster was a member of the ID Parade way back in season 1. So, good to see he’s Otwayed himself onto the panel. Shola Ama was a soul-driven solo artist. Nicole Russo sang lead with the Brand New Heavies

Mark, on Nicole, says “she was really looking forward to a night off of working with the Heavies”. They cut to the shot of her and Phill on the panel. Phill cracks up at this.

Bill: “I was called the Bonzai Meat Loaf once”
Mark: “I thought you meant the meal…I could picture you squashed up and covered in gravy…”

Buster’s having a great time, it seems like, cracking jokes with Bill. He also seems a ton slimmer than his appearance in Series 1, so he’s happy.

Bill, on the Isaac Hayes video: “It looks like there’s someone in there from a Bavarian oompah band. “Vhen shall I do the accordion solo?” “NOT NOW, DAMN FOOL! You’re TICKLING MAH ARM, FOOL!”
Mark: “I like the way he suddenly has become Mr. T.”
Bill: “I’ve always wanted to be Mr. T…”

Bill guesses that Boy George and Isaac Hayes have guested on a TV show, and Mark goes “Not quite. You actually stumbled across the answer without knowing it, so I’m gonna give you the point. The real answer is both Isaac and Boy George have appeared on episodes of the A-Team…”
THAT is perfect. Almost as good as one of the answers being “a bee sting” after Bill’s bee hooker joke.

After Mark does a bit with a crystal ball, Bill, still as Mr. T, goes “PUT THAT DOWN!” Suddenly there’s a loud crash.
Mark: “You made my crystal ball fall over, and I didn’t know that was gonna happen!”

Mark has a nice jab at Richard Blackwood, saying “or as i like to call him, WON’T SMITH.”
Joe: “I don’t know who that bloke is…”
Mark: “Neither does he…”

Joe, on the colored bride in the BoxFizz video: “Look at this…Stargate 1941”

Joe sounds like a much more tired version of Arthur Smith. Same accent and everything. He’s also surprisingly into the show, along with Buster.

Phill: “It’s the Land of Make Believe, she’s going to visit Bill! Who has a time-share there!”

Mark: “Stardust composed the music for a film that was so explicit that on its first showing, 250 people walked out of the Cinema…leaving a delighted Angus Deayton to eat his Revels with one hand.”
Oh, Mark…you never cease to amaze me…

Phill and Joe doing Seven Nation Army is pretty entertaining, but get even better once they start pounding on the desk in unison.

Mark, Next Lines: “You should really know.”
Shola: “I ain’t playing this game.”
Mark: “Is that right?”
Shola: “I was talking to you…”

Mark: “It’s Oh So Quiet”
Shola: “Sh…shh…”
Mark: “…were you talking to me that time?”
Shola: “Yep…”

Mark: “Stop your messing around…”
Bill: “OR…”
Mark: “Or what?”

Mark: “Phill, you need 11 points to win, but we’re running low on time, so I’m not sure if you’re going to have much chance.”
Literally 2 seconds into the round, the buzzer goes off.

Overall: A very fun episode to bring the small-but-fierce Series 15 back into line. Joe was having a great time, even putting up with Mark’s cockney jokes. Buster was enjoying himself as well. I didn’t bring up Shola and Nicole as much, but they were pretty cool too, just not doing much in terms of jokes. I didn’t write down a lot of the cockney jokes, because they were also visual, but this is a really good episode.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Joe
Best Runner: Cockney jokes.


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