Nevermind Watchdown: S15E6

Two returning players here. Jane McDonald, who last appeared trying to cajole Josie D’Arby into a singalong round (that did not end well), and Katie Melua, who just appeared last series.

Aaron Gilbert plays keyboard for Delays. Michelle Gayle is a singer and Eastenders star who was on Reborn in the USA, but lost to Tony Hadley.

Jane, on Gene Pitney: “D’you think he’s wearing Brill cream? Do you remember brill cream?”
Former 50’s Throwback Mark Lamarr: “DO I REMEMBER BRILL CREAM??… Do you remember lifeboats?”

Mark, just like the last time she was on, keeps on screwing with Jane. As she gets up for intros, Mark puts on a life vest.

Aaron’s not getting the 2nd Intro
Mark: “Jane, what was your big number on cruises?”
Jane: “Probably New York, New York”
Mark: “Do that, see if he gets it.”
Mark, Phill and Bill all go into lifeboat procedures. Mark still has the life vest on.

Mark: “Shaggy once said he’s nothing like his onstage persona, and said “Who can be Shaggy 24/7?” …Courtney Love?”

Katie, on the Boyzone ID Parade: “It’s got to be 1 or 2, because if I was Louis Walsh, and i was doing a boy band…sorry, slip of the tongue-”
Mark: “HOLD ON!”

Mark: “I want to sleep with common people…”
Katie: “Like you…”
Bill: “Like me?”
Mark: “No, not like you. No one wants to sweep with-”
Bill: “To sweep?”

Overall: Another sharp dip in quality. Aside from Jane and Mark’s jabs, not a ton going on here. Katie was kind of funny.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Jane
Best Runner: Foghorn sound effect


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