Nevermind Watchdown: S16E5

Since Youtube decided to piss me off and not have Episode 4, a Steve Frost episode (which would have been amazing), moving right along to Episode 5, where the only person here I’ve heard of is Isaac Hanson, of the famed 90’s kid-band Hanson. Thrilling stuff.

Greg Oliver was in ElectroPop duo Fierce Girl. Mickey Hutton is a ‘Geordie actor, musician and comedian’, which…bodes well, I guess. Dave Berry is a regular face of MTV. Man, it’s nice that NMTB is finally getting back into TV presenters every episode….I say ‘nice’…

Mark intros Sam Fox by saying “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but ‘Imagine if Jordan had some sophistication…or intelligence.”
Man, first they go for Peter, then they go for his then-gf. Fantastic.

Bill, on the eagle on the back of Hasselhoff’s jacket: “That eagle was traveling, when he braked suddenly…”
Isaac: “I just wish that the eagle would shoot down and just take him out of the shot altogether.”
Bill: “What, like he was prey? Just…snatch a Hasselhoff?”
Mark: “It would be lovely if they did, if that was their staple diet…just Hasselhoffs.”

Dave, as he notices the shot of Hasselhoff and the puppy: “He’s thinking…as if I was gonna shove all that crack up my own ass, as he travels across the border.”
Bill: “Yeah, it started as a little mouse, and then he just stuffed him.”

I find it very ironic that the Meat Loaf clip they play is the exact one they played as his intro-clip when he was on the show.

Mickey is very similar to Dave Johns, but I’m also getting a Jonathan Ross vibe from him…because I don’t think he knows how to shut up. He’s very obnoxious, and has been taking full control of Phill’s panel, giving occasionally funny lines.

Mickey: “Do you think he had a stunt double there, Meat Loaf?”
Greg: “The tree must have had one though…”

Mark: “He’s a vegetarian, isn’t he?”
Mickey: “He can’t be!”
Mark: “…he CAN be.”
Mickey: “Well, what sorts of vegetables is he eating?”
Mark: “…loads of them…”

Mickey points out the height difference between him, Greg and Phill, who towers over them both. Phill goes “I feel like I work in a chocolate factory…”

Mickey, sizing up Phill and Greg: “You big Chewbacca and you little ewok…I’d love to see ya shaggin’.”
Phill looks over at Mark, not knowing what he just heard.Mark’s cracking up.
Phill: “It’d be like Mowgli on the back of the elephant…”

There’s a great running gag where Mark just keeps bashing David Hasselhoff, taking a picture of him and drawing more and more ridiculous things on it, that he keeps interrupting his own stand ups with. It just keeps getting better

Dave has a great Richard Whitely story: “He once wore a tie with ‘Countdown’ written down it, and the sound man had put the clip mike over the ‘o’.”
Bill, taking the wrong o: “Countdwn? (or, as he pronounces it, Countdoon”)”
Mark: “That’s what they call it in Wales.”

Great moment. Mark makes a Sugarbabes joke, Bill goes “Keep quiet, he’s dating one of them”, pointing to Dave, who was in fact dating one of the Sugarbabes at that time.
Mark: “So, let’s keep quiet for a minute. Whatever we were gonna say, let’s all keep it in.”
And as he asks the question again, he tries, and fails, to restrain himself from making the joke.

Phill’s ID Parade is a guy, Wee Willie Harris, who was mentioned in a Blockheads song. Phill adores the Blockheads, so he obviously knows who it is, and he convinces Mickey. Greg still thinks it’s #3, but Mark even says “but #1 IS Wee Willie Harris. As a matter of fact, hey Willie!”
Cut to #1, close up. He’s still standing there, motionless.
Mark: “Remember earlier on when they said when Mark talks to you, you can respond. I’m Mark.”
#1 cracks up a bit, and turns over to Mark.

Mark has to go up to #1, and whisper “you, sir, are Wee Willie Harris’, to the guy, because “I know who it is, Mickey knows who it is, Phill knows who it is, now Greg knows who it is, but the only one who doesn’t is Wee Willie Harris.”
After he’s done, #1 does in fact crack up.

Mark: “Bill’s team, your time starts now.”
Bill: “Great”
Mark: “How I choose to FILL that time, is up to me.”

Bill, after Isaac calls him ‘the beast’, calls him ‘beardy’
Mark: “You can’t call someone beardy if you’ve got a beard!”
Bill then explains that his beard is a south american mammal that he talks to and soothes, which is wonderful.
Mark: “If I scare it, will it shit on your mouth?”

Overall: Stronger than the last two, and the last two were wonderful. It helped that the panel wasn’t overwhelming, but had people like Isaac and Dave who gave some great answers, and Greg who was a great character. Mickey was very over-the-top, but cooled down as the show went on. ID Parade on gave the bulk of the great moments here.

Best Regular: Bill
Best Guest: Dave
Best Runner: David Hasselhoff.

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