Nevermind Watchdown: S16E8 or Bill and Bez on Ice

Bez, of Happy Mondays fame, we’ve seen before. Kate Garraway, another TV presenter, we’ve apparently seen before. That’s about all I can say for this batch.

Tyson Kennedy fronts New Zealand alt-rock band Stereogram. Tony Christie is a 70’s-era soft pop crooner.

Mark spends the first minute of the show annihilating the Pop awards’ decision to crown Angels by Robbie Williams as the most important song of the last 25 years. Which is normal for Mark.

Mark cracks up trying to introduce Bill’s panel, because he gets to “Bill and Bez-” and it reminded of a really bad stop motion cartoon from back in the day.

Bez: “He would have definitely hurt his knees, because…he’s gonna fall over, he’s Morrissey.”
Bill: “What, is he notoriously wobbly?”
Mark: “That was the title of his autobiography. Notoriously Wobbly, by Morrissey.”

Mark: “Bez I would love to see you doing Bez on Ice.”
Bez: “Know what, Mark? I’m gonna steal that idea…”
Mark: “Well, I was gonna do it m’self, but you can have it…”
Bill: “Aw, come to a show…Bill and Bez on Ice, it’d be nice. I would pay to see that.”
Mark: “But you’d be in it. Hey, you’re onto a winner here. Your costar’s buying tickets, you’re onto a great winner…”

Tyson: “You’ll get this one…”
Kate: “Please don’t say that, or else if I don’t get it i’ll look really thick.”
Mark: “And we’ll notice that change how?”

There’s not a ton, dialogue wise, going on, but there’s a lot of physical bits. Mark makes Kate to an intro of the only song she knows the intro to, Dancing Queen. Mark also goes over to Bez with a stethoscope, which plays dance music when put to his head. To which he replies “You know what that proves? There is something going on in there.”
He also puts it to Bill’s head, which is just the sound of hawks. And then he puts it to his own head, and ‘Suicide is Painless’ plays, which cracked me up. In response, Bez goes “you’re just Mashed, man”, which even cracks Mark up. The dynamic is definitely there, especially between Bez and Mark.

Also, Tony Christie’s Morrissey impression is the gift that keeps on giving.

Overall: Not a great episode, and not a ton of quotes, but the dynamic was there, and there were some great moments. It was also one where Mark just got so pissed off that he basically gave Phill’s team the win. Of the four, Bez did the most, and Tyson did the least, Tony had a great time, and Kate pissed off Mark.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Bez
Best Runner: Morrissey impression.


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