Nevermind Watchdown: S17E1

We are sadly down to the last leg of the Mark Lamarr era, which is ridiculously sad, as he’s given us tons of amazing moments on this program. Thankfully, tonights episode features Katie Melua and Dave Fulton, two characters we’ve seen before.

Mark, as it’s been 9 years, gives some comparative photos at the start of the episode, to show how everyone’s changed. Mark gives a photo of himself at 19, a photo of Phill at age 3 or 4, and for Bill’s, he just has a picture of the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Holly Willoughby is an ITV presenter. Darren Hayes used to front Savage Garden.

Bill: “I just finished a documentary on otters-”
Mark: “I KNOW.”
Bill: “You say that with such contempt-”
Mark: “Anything I know about you I say with contempt…”

As Bill keeps going on about the otters, Dave, bored as hell, starts slamming his head onto the desk.
Mark: “Dave…wrong head.”

On the shot of Gwen stuck in a small house, with body parts hanging out and everything
Phill: “How smart is Gwen’s real estate agent?”
Dave: “Yeah, but you ought to see the back door…”

On Pink Floyd or D12:
Katie: “I’d say it’s Pink Floyd because, statistically, they’ve been around a lot longer.”
Mark: “But that means any question we ask, they’re more likely to be it. If I say ‘which one of these is Eminem’s rapping group from Detroit’, you’d have to say “WELL, STATISTICALLY, I WOULD SAY…” Which ones of these are black? “I WOULD SAY PINK FLOYD!”

In the D12 video, someone yanks off another guy’s arm
Phill: ‘Cause normally when you go into the Gents and say you’ve have something pulled off, you want a better story than that…”
Mark: “Yeah, George Michael’s nightmare…”
Phill: “That’s nearly an armful!”

Katie: “I do think it’s Pink Floyd, not only because of the statistical thing, but also, I think Mark would back me up…”
Mark: “Actually I will…the weird thing is, it’s not right, but I still want to back her up.”

Great moment in Intros. Dave knows the Beach Boys song, but he has no idea what the title is. So Mark, Phill, and literally the entire rest of the panel start phonetically yelling the chorus of the song at him, still with no avail.
Mark: “…Without you By Nilsson? No, it’s a different song…”

Overall: Definitely fell off in the last half. Not a ton of laugh-out-loud moments, though Dave and Katie were good enough.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Katie
Best Runner: Bill and the Otters


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