Nevermind Watchdown: S17E3, or I didn’t know it was gonna be this sort of show…

Youtube didn’t have E2, so onto the third, featuring the return of Chas “You’ve got my vote” Hodges, and Lucy Porter. Sure to be a very fun time.

Daniel Powter is best known for his one-hit wonder and American Idol sendoff song ‘Bad Day’. Yvette Fielding is a former Blue Peter presenter who went onto presenting Most Haunted.

Observation: The last few episodes, Mark has seriously ramped up his Jimmy Carr bashing. This came out of nowhere, as he was on the program a few years back. Then again, so was Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Mark also began the show with a Kerry Katona joke, which means he’s officially turning into Frankie Boyle.

Chas: “Both of them used to be Dave in Chas&Dave…and [Bill] started that rumor…”
Bill: “Well…you say that-”
Mark: “No, you started it…Dave has been very annoyed, because Bill’s been telling everyone that Dave’s dead and there’s a new Dave.”
Bill: ‘I NEVER SAID THAT! I never said he was DEAD!”
Mark: “Yvette, on Most Haunted, can you try and contact Dave?”
Yvette, smirking: “I’m gonna try and contact him. “Is there anybody- DAVE, ARE YA THERE…”
Mark: “Can you do that? Just call up somebody like directories? ‘Is there a Dave here?’ Thousands go “YEEAHH!!!!”

Chas: “Are they Australian?”
Bill: “AC/DC? Yeah.”
Chas, knowing they’re not gonna get the answer: “….we’ve been out there…”

On the shot of all of Korn looking like they’ve been hung.
Lucy: “My only thought was ‘tonight, Matthew, we’re all gonna be Michael Hutchence!”
Mark stands up and goes up to the camera: ‘I must say, to the viewing public at home- I didn’t know it was gonna be this sort of show…That’s despicable. [to Yvette] you phone Michael and tell him she didn’t mean it…”

Phill gets Daniel’s attention, who replies “I don’t even know what show I’m on. I thought this was Top of the Pops. Mark, you should host Top of the Pops.”
Mark, chuckling: “I have done it in the past…didn’t really work out. I did do it a few times, but a lot of the bands said they’d never come on again…”

Mark pulls out a Ouija board (just to lampoon Yvette), and starts spelling out curse words after an intro.

Lucy, trying to guess the Elton John intro: ‘It sounds kind of heavy. Is it like a heavy metal kind of song?”
Mark: “Sorry, my hands have been pulled to NO.”

Overall: A lot I didn’t write down, especially Mark screwing with Yvette, but a solid, if unremarkable, show. Lucy was the comedic standout, Daniel and Chas were confused, but gave good answers. Yvette was an excellent sport. The problem I’m having with this season is Mark has become too comfortable, too unhinged, that he’s just focusing on having a good time and not on hosting a quiz show, and the quality is suffering.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Lucy
Best Runner: Ouija board


One thought on “Nevermind Watchdown: S17E3, or I didn’t know it was gonna be this sort of show…

  1. I don’t know if you noticed, but in the second half of the show, a guitar appears at Chas’s side, although all you see is the Fender headstock. I wonder if they asked him to play a tune, but it was cut out of the show.

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