Nevermind Watchdown: S17E5

Sadly skipping past a Rich Hall episode, onto Episode 5. Our only returnee here is Claudia Winkleman, which isn’t too bad.

Rich Archer is the lead singer of rock band HARD-Fi. Katrina Leskanich fronted, yes, Katrina and the Waves. Richard Park, who was on last year, was famous for being a judge on Fame Academy.

Phill, for the first time in a while, brings out one of his world famous Terrible Impressions, talking about Keith Richards’ dead snake.
“Mr. Richards, your snake has died.” “AH GOT A SNAKE? That’s brilliant? Oh, he’s died. Oh, that’s a shame.”
Mark: “You’ve never heard Keith Richards speak, have you? Is he suddenly Jackie Mason? ‘I say, I’ve got a snake!’…sorry, I’ve never heard Jackie Mason speak, so…”

Phill: “The most they would do at the next gig would be Mick would come out and say “I’d like to a poem for Keith’s snake. ‘Oh, snakey, we miss you so…”

Mark points out that this was after Brian Jones had died, “just a point of order, before we get complaints. Brian wasn’t in the band when he died…he was in the swimming pool!”
Phill just bursts out laughing, and eventually Mark sighs and cracks too, both knowing how horrible the joke was.

Claudia: “Keith’s got a whole animal hospital, he does-”
Rich: “It’s probably just a ruse to get discounted morphine.”
Phill, as Keith: “Ah’ve got a very, very ill hamster here, I don’t-”
Mark: “WHO IS HE DOING???”

Mark introduces the Gareth Gates clip, and asks why he failed to show up to an International Stammering Conference. The audience loses it, and even Bill’s confused. Mark has to shout at the audience to ‘GROW UP!’

Richard: “The earlier scene, the girl’s saying to him “I thought you said BILL Gates!”
Absolutely no one laughs. Mark just gets up and panics to the camera.

Claudia, after the Bob Marley intro: “It’s not Bob the Builder.”
Phill: “Close.”
Mark: “It is Bob, though.”
Claudia: “HOSKINS.”

Wonderful moment. Bill and Katrina, for their second intro, do a really good version of the theme from Friends, I’ll be there for you by the Rembrandts. Right at the end of the intro, Richard jumps in and starts going “SO NO ONE TOLD YOU- oh, sorry.” It’s hysterical, and a great, fun character moment. Richard has the right idea, definitely.

Bill’s ID Parade is for Black Slate, a reggae band that sang ‘Amigo’. The ID Parade are all wearing serapes and sombreros. Mark even says “I have to point out, our dresser has concentrated more on the word ‘amigo’ than on the word ‘reggae band’.”

Richard: “I like the look of #1”
#1 gives him a look. Mark runs over with his prop knife “Here, use this to ATTACK!”

Next Lines:
Mark: “I’ve got a cousin named Kevin”
Bill: “And…he’s buying a stairway…”
Mark: “Stairway to Kevin?”

Overall: Like the rest of this season, has some good moments, but generally week in the center. Richard was a ton of fun, and Claudia was a great Mark dartboard, but still, Mark’s not putting a lot of effort into this season.

Best Regular: Mark
Best Guest: Richard
Best Runner: Star Trek theme

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