Nevermind Watchdown: S17E6, or, I say, Mark, that foreign chap’s having a pop at you!

Adam Hills! Tony “Fancy a Log” Blackburn! Nihal Arthanayake! A very pregnant Kathryn Williams! Can the four of them pool their respective NMTB guesting powers and save Series 17? Let’s find out!

Bill: “Ze Heaven 17s…un ze Molokos…”
Mark: “That’s good, that’ll save on dubbin’ it for the Spanish audience.”

Tony: “Neither of them have won the Eurovision Song Contest.”
Mark: “…I’m not quite sure of that…”
Tony: “REALLY?”
Mark: “Well, neither are you…”

Kathryn: “…is it flies?”
Mark: “I should point out…Kathryn is pregnant, this could be a craving.”

On the clip of John Denver juggling, Adam: “Those were the days of making videos, where you got to the end and just went ‘uhhh…I can juggle! Someone put a camera on me and I’ll juggle!”
Phill: “That was the week where John Denver hosted the Alaskan lottery”

On Lance Bass doing a seek-heil: “If you’re gay and you’re a Nazi, looking to meet singles in your area?”
Adam: “Put one hand in ze air like you just don’t care!”
Adam: “You’ve gotta fight, for your right, to be in the Nazi Paaaaarty!”

On the NSYNC video, Phill: “This is where 4 of them are working now, which is Oxfam in Didcutt!”
Nihal: “This is the green room at a rent boy auction.”
Mark: “Surely…if you were BUYING a rent boy, that’d be a mortgage.”
Nihal: “Very true.”
Mark: “For that, you get bonus points.”
Nihal, sarcastic Cockney accent: “I’M PROPER HAPPY! COR BLIMEY, LORD LUVVY, CRIPES ALIVE, MARK!”
Nihal: “But I thought that’s how all you white people talk!”
Bill, over-the-top British voice: “I say, Mark…that foreign chap’s having a pop at you!”

Nihal: “It’s called colonial revenge!”
Mark: “WHAT DID I DO???”
Nihal: “I saw you!”

Adam: ‘The first line of that John Denver song, in that clip we saw, was ‘find me in the fields of grass’…possibly foreseeing his own downfall.”
Phill: “It didn’t say ‘my flaming ass will be just behind where the cockpit used to be…”


Tony, for the ABBA intro, talks over it like he’s on the radio, which proves how much fun he’s been on this program. It’s also pretty evident that Mark loves having him on.

#5 in Bill’s ID Parade, who he intros as ‘Julian Clary’ is just really, extraordinarily pouty. Mark even comments “Like Disney couldn’t even draw a puppy that sad!…’never wanted to come on a pop quiz in the first place…”
Tony: “I think she’s trying to mislead us, actually-”
Mark: “What, she’s actually really happy? Cause I imagine, when she lets rip, ALL FUN breaks loose.”

Bill, still narrating over the very-sad #5: “I’m afraid…we can’t give you a refund unless you have the receipt…”

Kathryn, after the umpteenth Mark pregnancy joke: “You keep fixating over the fact that I’m pregnant-”
Mark: “No, I’m over the moon for you! It’s not a fixation…”
Kathryn: “Well you’ve just talked about it a few times-”
Mark: “Yeah. Twice.”
Kathryn: “But I keep seein’ you looking down…you know you wanna rub it-”
Mark: “HUH?”

I’m surprised that there’s an ID Parade for The Pirates…and Al the Pirate is not out there with his plastic sword.

Adam: “#2 keeps staring at me and I’m kinda scared by him.”
Phill: “Is it because you’ve REALLY only got one leg?”

Next Lines: “Quivers down by backbone.”
Nihal, channeling Romesh Ranganathan: “Parkinsons taking over.”

Mark: “Your hip bone connected to your thigh bone-”
Phill: “Your thigh bone connected to your- [to Adam] I’m sorry about this”

The best one of Mark’s discarded punchlines: “The good news is it wasn’t Bailey’s, the bad news is it was Bill’s.”
And Bill just peers around, confused, as the rest of the panel laughs at him.

Overall: Much better, but still hit a snag during Intros. All four were on point, especially Kathryn and Nihal.

Best Regular: Phill
Best Guest: Kathryn
Best Runner: Tony’s Big Light sales.


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