Nevermind Watchdown: S17E7

Three episodes of Mark Lamarr remain. What better way to send him off than with another Lionel Blair appearance? He was so much fun his first time out, too. Liz Bonnin is also back, which is nice, I guess.

Nate James was an up-and-coming R&B artist. Steve Mason was fronting King Biscuit Time.

Mark, in Lionel’s intro, mentions the fact that for The Farm, he had to suck turkey semen and blow it through a straw. Bill, during the first round, brings it up again, which Lionel cracks up at. Lionel, to get a cheap laugh, goes “that turkey never stops phoning.”

After Lionel explains how turkeys are inseminated, Mark: “I heard Lionel had to get that turkey drunk.”
Lionel: “Yeah, with a date-rape drug.”
The entire audience “OHHHH!”‘s. Mark can’t even believe it.

Bill, on the nurse noticing the tied up gorilla in the Bjork video: “She gone ‘oh, Mr. Wilkins, they’ve tied you up again, have you…”
Mark: “You know his name, don’t you?”
Bill: “I do!”
Mark: “Oh…Mr. Wilkins…”
Bill: “It’s not working out, this whole ‘gorilla dentistry’ thing, isn’t it?”

Mark, trying to include a mostly-quiet Steve in the conversation: “Have you ever asked for anything backstage?”
Steve: “We kinda went in the opposite direction, and decided to ask for nothing at all. We were trying to be…non-rockstars, so it was very much a case of…some garibaldis and a pint of milk.”
Mark: “So you DID ask for something…”
Bill: “Garibaldis! OOOOHHH!”
Mark: “ITALIAN biscuits…”
Bill: “And milk? You…milk…”
Steve: “We used to inject it, though…”
Bill: “Oh, well in that case…”

Lionel, trying to figure out the answer: “Let’s all- I say puffin…”
Bill: “I say banana, LET’S CALL THE WHOLE THING OFF!”

Mark is trying to get Lionel to get the right James Bond theme. He even goes “all he can think of it Goldfinger anyways…”
Lionel responds by flipping him off. And then licking it.

The whole intro of Lionel’s inability to get A View to a Kill is wonderful, because Mark says it, like, 5 times…then Bill and Steve mime sniper rifles. Lionel goes “OH! The Man with the Golden Gun!” The entire panel face palms.
Mark: “…Close.”

Lionel’s second intro, Mark just starts singing along to it. Lionel, knowing it by heart, sings along with him, and it’s the right one. Mark isn’t even there to say ‘yes, that’s right’. He gets up and continues singing it with Lionel, both getting up on the desk and dancing to it. It’s an incredibly sweet moment.

Mark: “Not only did you get the point, but we did have, what I think was a very special moment, and one that I’ll be playing back to the police at some point in the evening.”

The ID Parade features a new classic. Phill’s is for ‘Call on Me’, the video for which features a sexy fitness instructor, who they have to pick out. 1-3 are beautiful women, 4 is an older woman, and 5 is an extremely old bald man in the outfit. It’s like Athelston, but somehow more obvious.

Mark: “You know what, I can help you narrow it down a little bit. It’s NOT #5. Although…it could have been filmed a long time ago. I like him, I bet it’s been many years since he’s walked down the street without someone going [hums the Benny Hill theme]”
Liz: “He’s Snoop Dogg. He’s cute.”
Mark: “It’s amazing, though, he’s managed to have gotten sadder since he came on.”
Phill: “I love the idea of #5 going home tonight, he’s got 4 sweet phone numbers in his pocket…”
#5 breaks his demeanor to smile, loses composure, and then uses his hand to cover his face as he gets back into hangdog character. It’s hysterical.

Bill’s ID Parade is for the goose from a Travis video. #’s 1-3 are various other birds. #4 is #5 from the last ID Parade…intro’d as “Mr. Magoo’s shorter-sighted brother.”

Overall: Definitely an improvement, thanks to a better panel, more consistency through the episode, and an ID Parade worthy of the golden age of NMTB. Lionel was the standout, though Liz had some great moments, and Steve was a quiet hero here.

Best Regular: Bill
Best Guest: Lionel
Best Runner: #5 in ID Parade


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