Nevermind Watchdown: S19E4

It occurred to me that last episode was supposed to feature Amy Winehouse in place of Tony Mortimer. This led to me imagining the Bill Oddie incidents with Amy on the panel. And then…I kind of felt grateful, because there probably would have been a casualty.

Never fear, as Winehouse is in the building tonight. Apparently she’s a bit inebriated here, too.

Penny Smith is a morning show presenter. Alex Pennie was the keyboardist for The Automatic. Andrew Maxwell’s a former warm-up comedian who was on Mock the Week once.

From the sounds of things, Phill seems to be battling a cold or laryngitis this week. Hopefully this will harken back to the QI where Sean Lock had laryngitis, and he’ll be hysterical here.

Simon: “Penny, have you ever interviewed Cliff Richard?”
Penny: “No, but I have played tennis with him. He even served me a couple of balls.”
Simon: “That’s…tennis balls, not cock and balls.”

So far in the episode, Amy’s kinda boozy, but she’s cracking jokes and having fun, which is great, because she did that last time she was on. Also, she behaved last time.

Simon keeps grilling Penny about all the guy’s she’s went out with, including Rory Bremner, and she just starts silently humming to herself.
Andrew: “This is a weird show, man. I’ve only ever seen this on TV, and it’s just…NOT LIKE THIS!”

Simon eventually tries convincing Amy to not get another drink, or do a gig with someone that’s clearly gonna give her more alcohol.
Simon: “Do a gig with Katie Melua”
Amy: “I’d rather have cat AIDS, thank you…”

Penny eventually reveals she went out with Paul McKenna, which both Simon and Andrew get a kick out of. Simon even says he hypnotized her into facing her fear of having sex with Paul McKenna.
Later, when Phill and Alex are doing intros, Simon starts going “you are getting sleepy…Penny, this is not my penis…it’s just a friendly mouse…”

Amy, getting up for Intros: “pssshh psshhh”
Simon: “What’s the push-push”
Amy: “It’s my new thing…”
Simon: “Thought that was crack!”
Amy: “Do I look like Russell Brand?”

Amy and Bill’s second intro is The Last Time, by the Stones. Simon, for the ‘how it should have sounded’ bit, plays in a clip from Penny’s stint on Just the Two of Us where she sings it.

Jessica Garlick, who was on back in Series 12, is now a member of the ID Parade, which is sad. Maybe it was due to her basically saying in the middle of an ID Parade “so, which one of them looks foreign.”

Amy, to the ID Parade: “Girls, girls, I dunno how much you’re getting’ paid for this, but I’d jump this, and I’d smack [Simon]”
Simon: “They get paid, and they know what’s gonna happen…”
Andrew: “Ooh, God, you sound like a pimp!”

Simon, Next Lines: “They told him never come around here.”
Bill: “Because you’re a registered sex offender.”

Overall: This was a very odd episode, because, knowing what would happen to Amy, I found the parts with her and Simon very hard to watch, especially in comparison to the last time she was on. It just was very sad, and heartbreaking, knowing what she did to herself. Andrew at least was the funniest here, and had a very nice outsider’s perspective on the show, which aided especially. Penny was nice in putting up with 23,000 Simon slams.

Best Regular: Bill
Best Guest: Andrew
Best Runner: GMTV.


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